Can you change your reality?

06 Oct 2016

I never watch the news, I stopped after 9/11. Simply because I realised the news channels coverage in the USA and the UK were creating their own versions of reality

My brother was filming out in NYC on the 11th. While he was safe, he was stuck in Manhattan and like lots of the people was shocked and came together as a team to help as much as they could. Yet he would call home to get the latest news (once the telephone lines opened) as the BBC gave a much more detailed version of events, unlike the news in the USA.

After realising that news is often influenced so much by the particular channels, I decided then that I would not be brain washed and fed fear. Instead once a week I read a news publication with news from around the world from a wide range of sources. That way I get the broad brush of what is going on, rather than one version of reality.

What is your reality like? How are you viewing the world each and every day and how is it affecting your life? 

Does it feel stuck and that it is controlling you? The reality is that there is no such thing as reality, it is only your perception of an event and your perceptions can be changed. You may be thinking "What the hell are you talking about Amanda?". Hear me out.

A taxi driver picks up a fare in Manchester and takes him to the station. Whilst travelling he asks his customer to tell him what Manchester is like, as he has only just moved there. The guys says, "It’s dull, it rains so much and it’s not a friendly place. You can be in the elevator after a long day at the office and no one says hello. It is a faceless city and everyone is just bothered about themselves, they are too caught up in how they look and what they drive to connect."

The driver drops his fare off and picks up another passenger and asks the same question.

"Oh I love it, it’s got lots to offer. They have just pumped money into the Christmas markets and the city centre so it is a lovely place to shop and connect with people. I find that people in the North are really friendly. If you smile at a stranger you get a smile back, not like in London. I made friends easily here and we do lots of fun things together.”

Same city, same weather, same opportunities and two very different realities. Each one will feel that this is what Manchester is really like, yet it is just their own version of Manchester. They have created their reality of it due to how they have viewed things like the weather, the people, connecting, confidence and seizing opportunities.

So what is your Manchester like? (metaphorical of course) 

If it is the first reality then know that you can change this by changing how you interact and perceive things that happen to you. If you feel like things are being done to you, then ask yourself:

What can I learn from this?

How can I get the most out of this to make my day better? 

What can I do to help others? How can i brighten someones day?

You will be amazed at how this will change your experience of a place or event and allow your reality of that to be different.

So when someone says "That’s the reality of it" know that really it is just their reality and if it is empowering and adds to your happiness then jump in with both feet. However if it's the opposite run for the hills, as fast as you can.