Create a ridiculously effective vision board that will impact your life

11 Nov 2017

I recently worked with an amazing client. He is a dancer on the West End and he felt he was coming towards the end of his career. 

“It’s a young man's game" he said. "Plus you have to be a wee bit ruthless and that’s just not me anymore, I am a good guy and love people.” 

He wanted to work on his new path. He knew he had choices - he could either let life happen to him or he could design it. Wisely he chose the latter.

He had done vision boards in the past, like most of us! ‘The Secret’ got us all doing these in the mid 90’s, yet they didn't connect with all parts of our brain, they were simply just a vision. They were not an all singing, dancing, fully sensory, grab life by the balls and live it to the full vision board. The reason why these vision boards didn't work for most of us was because they were one dimensional. 

So Nick and I got to work, and focused on another way of designing his life, in a way that the brain understands. We used the brain's language. 

It is so much fun and so bloody easy that it’s crazy everyone isn't doing their vision boards like this. I'll let you in on the process:

  1. We discovered his mission - why Nick is here and what his legacy will be when he's not. 
  2. We expanded on this to include as many details as possible. What does this look like in detail for Nick?
  3. We then designed his life using all the senses = introducing the Your Life Surfboard.
  4. Using some very cool NLP techniques, we allowed this vision to become part of his future. 
  5. Now Nick is out and living life and seeing that vision come to reality. 

Nick was blown away - he achieved more in the first two months than he had achieved in his career. He left me a long voice message going through his list of wants, dreams and desires now saying they had BIG TICKS and more importantly he was signed for a year contract, doing what he loves - travelling, adventure and art.

I created a mini-course detailing the process for Nick's sister's business and trained her team of 300+ sales people to do the same and now I am going to share it with you. It’s simple, fun and easy, and it will take 28 minutes of your time to get the low-down and start designing your dream life today. But a word of warning. 

Don’t get involved if you are already happy with your life.

Don’t sign up if you don’t like fun or easy ways to get what you want.

Don’t sign up if you are lazy and expect a magic pill to make everything better.

Sign up if you want to change everything!