Fear is nothing at all, once you run to the roar

11 Aug 2016

When lionesses hunt, they hunt in threes. One in front of the target, and then two behind it. They know that when the one at the front roars, the gazelle will run away, straight into the path of the two waiting. Game over. 

Sarah, my wife, is an advanced diver. She has dived more than 90 times all over the world and it used to be her passion. Her lovely strong Mum also learnt to dive when she was 50 years old and it was a passion they shared together.

On the 5th of June life changed forever. Sarah and I were on the last day of our 10-day challenge, cycling from the French Alps to York in the UK (1000 miles). We had 100 to complete that day when we got a call early in the morning with terrible news from Sarah’s Dad. Her Mum had been tragically lost in a shark attack while diving.

Our lives changed that day. We flew to Perth to be with her family straight away, and one month later we went ahead with our wedding which luckily we had planned months in advance.

Sarah feared she may never dive again, as you can probably imagine. So when we arrived in the beautiful Maldives for our honeymoon, a place that boasts the best diving in the world, Sarah started to toy with the idea.

With the help of the general manager at our resort she found the right Dive Master, a lovely lady named Sonja Muller. She made up her mind, making the decision "I am going to do this, it is now or never".

Sarah used all the tricks in the NLP book, and this is the book of tricks we share with our clients. The tools and tricks we teach, the strategies to help anyone achieve what they want in life. To overcome the biggest fear imaginable. 

On Wednesday the 2nd of August she dived, 50 minutes with a depth of 16 metres, using very little air. All in all a successful dive. And two days later she dived again from the boat, 66 minutes and a depth of 22metres. She had reconnected with her passion for being in this magical world. She inspired me.

I also dived for the first time to share in her journey. Now I will go ahead and complete my PADI so we can share this world together.

What she achieved that day is amazing, it was so hard for her yet she was able to "just get on with it" as she often says when things are hard but they just need doing.

This is the proof that this NLP stuff works. Without the strategies and mindset tools we share with clients on a daily basis, without using those we would not have achieved our outcomes. "This is proof" said Sarah, "without knowing what we know, we would have not done what we have done. It is not magic, it’s just strategies".

So what do you need help with, to get where you want to go? To do the things you would like to do?
We took our time, and Sarah found the right person to guide her. Without Sonja this dive would not have happened, so find the right person to be your guide. You need to feel safe and trust them and let them take you on a magical journey of discovery. You will thank yourself for it, there are times in our lives when we all need help, to have our hand held while we discover the way forward. 

If you are looking for a Certified Coach who is trained in NLP, then check our guys out. NLP quickly re-programmes unwanted patterns of thought and behaviour for life. You can literally design your life, get rid of the crap and create your future.

So instead of running away from what you want by way of excuses, run to the roar. Fly past it and empower yourself to live your life to the fullest, step by step, day by day.