What being a coach means to me

15 Sep 2017

From a young age I always liked to help people. My beautiful Mum was an amazing children’s Nurse and I have so many wonderful memories of seeing her help, care and love so many children. My Mum was a super hero being able to care so deeply for all those sick children. 

I think it was during this time I had made up my mind that I would choose a career that helped people. My dream was to be an astronaut (like a million other 5 year olds I am sure) but I realised pretty quickly that this probably wasn’t going to happen and perhaps wasn’t the most productive way to help people. However at 36 I still have hope!

The wannabe astronaut became a physiotherapist and followed in Mum’s footsteps, as all throughout my training my plan was to work with children. The idea really appealed to me as I love children and I saw what a gift it was to help those little ones.  

It wasn’t until my paediatric placement that with I realised with startling clarity just how tough working with sick children was. I like to think of myself as pretty tough.

I have worked in the toughest Accident & Emergency environment, maintaining airways and rushing around critical care like something out of ER. 

But working with children, I was a mess. For those of you that work with children and specifically sick children, I salute you.

Working as a physio and literally being involved with saving lives I had a great sense of achievement and worth. Healthcare is exceptionally rewarding but it takes its toll. Being in healthcare and having played competitive sport for decades has meant my curiosity for psychology has been immense and you may think this is how I became interested in coaching, but this is not the case.

In 2010 I was living and working as a physio in Queenstown, NZ. From the outside it looked like I was living the dream - yes it was beautiful but what many didn’t realise was that my life was slowly falling apart. My partner of 5 years at the time flew back to the UK for a wedding and then never got back on the plane. 

So far from family and my closest friends I found myself in a very vulnerable position. I knew I needed some help and this is the moment I met a phenomenally talented coach, Amanda (yep the Amanda I am now married to).

One session and 90 minutes later (60 of them in floods of tears) I was amazed! Now I am a pretty sceptical individual and I did arrive at this session suspicious but things needed to change and I was willing to give it a go. I can hand on heart say these 90 minutes changed my life… I recall at the end of the session saying ‘Bloody hell, how do I do what you do???’

This was the start of my journey.

I signed up for a 2 day course that very weekend and my mind was blown. I remember the wonderment and amazement at this new concept of the unconscious mind and its capability, and how quickly change can be achieved. ME, the sceptic, achieving life altering results. 

I thought that becoming a coach was going to be tough and I was astounded to learn that it would take only 9 days! I was hooked.

Those 9 days are up there with some of the best of my life and that’s competing with playing for my country at Lords, competing in the world cup and being involved with saving lives.

But that’s just the point you see. Seven years later here I am - my whole life is dedicated to the skill and knowledge that changed me forever. Being a coach is like nothing I have ever experienced. As a physio after 4-6 weeks, you will achieve amazing results. As a coach this can be done in 60 minutes. Life changing, amazing results in one hour. Every single time I work with a client, or run training courses with Amanda lives are being changed, minds are being blown away just like mine was all those years ago.

Life changing, amazing results in one hour.

Becoming a coach is really not that hard. But be prepared - your life will change, your entire being will change, who you are the deepest level will change and you will be amazed by extraordinary you really are. 

Those who are willing to be the very best version of themselves in order to help others become the best version of themselves...these people are heroes. And that's what being a coach is all about. Changing lives one person at a time. 

I hope in years to come my children will look at me and think, Mum’s my hero, just like I do of my Mum. Thank you Mum for shaping and guiding me to be the very best version of me even though you are no longer here. 

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