Your Time Is Now: Why You Need To Get Started Today

02 Aug 2016

I'm in the Maldives at the moment, on my honeymoon with my beautiful wife Sarah. We got married on the 7th of July. 
However on the 5th of June, our usual routines and lives stopped when tragedy struck our family. We couldn't focus on anything else except our family, not even on our upcoming wedding (thankfully we had prepared a lot beforehand so when we did pick it back up again a week before we got married, we managed to have a magical day).

Other things had stopped too, like our routines. So when we arrived in the Maldives for our honeymoon, we decided to use this time to get back into our routines of health. Not the best time to be doing this you might think...the General Manager at our resort would agree with you...however there is never a good time, a perfect time, especially when the routine is no longer a routine.
This got me thinking, are you waiting until everything is perfect before you try and attempt something new? Whether health or fitness, career progression or trying a new hobby/skill, are you waiting until you have enough time, you've lost 5kg's, or until you've got your career sorted? 

Do you think it'll be easier if you wait until everything is perfect? 

I'm here to tell you things will never be perfect, and that developing a new habit will always be the start. You need to give yourself permission to find it hard. 

You might find yourself making excuses - I don’t have the right gear, I don’t have the fitness, I have put on too much weight, it will be too hard, I am not as strong, I am not as motivated.

These are all just lies you tell yourself to put off the hard work. 

So you wait.

You think to yourself, "OK I will lose weight", "I will get the running shoes", "I will buy the personal development book", "I will save more money" and "when I have these things, then I can start".

NEVER, ever, ever will this happen.

What you are waiting for is the HAVE those things now but you can’t have them until you BECOME them. 

What we tell ourselves is just not true. That one day you will magically wake up and be fitter, richer, slimmer, confident, more motivated and then you can DO the things you have been putting off.

Go to the gym, save that money, enter that half marathon, get over feeling not good enough.

It is an illusion and this clever illusion allows us to pretend we are taking action. But no, we are just pushing our better selves into our future and robbing ourselves of the life we could be living.

So know that to DO those things you are wanting to do, you need to think like a person who has them now, you have to BE it now.
A person who has money saves, they don’t wait to have a windfall.

A person who is fit trains, they don’t wait to be fit first (this will obviously never happen).

A person who is slim makes good food choices and exercises, they don’t wait to be thinner first.

A person who is confident practices personal development daily, they don’t wait to feel better, instead they work on it.

It’s called BE DO HAVE.

First you BE the thing you are wanting, think like you have it now. Then you will DO the things you need to and you will then HAVE it.

Most people do the opposite. It’s the McDonalds of life, I want it now. Life is not a fast food joint, we need to learn how to get the most out of it by working hard first. And it starts with your mind set, always.