Deborah is an NLP Practitioner, Instructor and Time Line Therapist based in Queenstown, New Zealand. Deborah Coburn has worked within the personal development industry for over 20 years. Her back ground was training as a Hairstylist and Makeup artist. Working for a Modelling agency for three years where she ran courses in personal deportment, grooming and life skills.

Deborah studied at an international School in Britain where she trained at a Film College for the film and television industry. Then worked in the industry for many years. Over the years Deborah has been involved in running lots of differnet courses from courses in high schools to empowerment courses for women. She has run polytechnic courses and also independent courses for the corporate industry with hotel staff in the hospitality industry. It has given her a wide diverse level of experience over the years incorporated working with teenagers through to adults on many levels.

During Deborah’s career, having worked within the beauty and film industry she has always had a strong sense that both the outside and the inner person needs to be developed. Along with all of our life skills, a combination of both can take people on a fulfilling journey. 

Having trained in the life coaching industry with Your Life Live It Deborah wishes to run courses that provide tools to empower and build confidence from the inside, that reflects on the outside. Training with Your Life Live It has given her the ability to deliver courses that can help individuals create major change in their own lives.

Deborah’s other life

Deborah enjoys travelling to countries where there are diverse cultures and belief sysytems. She has found these travel experiences to have given her a wwealth of personal growth. Deborah enjoys the out doors and going for walks with her husband Grant and dog Jazz.

Deborah’s mission

Deborah’s mission is to support the growth of everyone she meets, to encourage and bring out the qualities that we all possess inside. Deborah wants to assist in providing tools which create a platform to support and enhance the wellbeing of everyone she works with.


Your Career and Life Coach

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NLP Instructor


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Always there for me

Claudia Faichney

I have known Deborah for nearly 15 years, she is a kind, loving and caring person and she has always been there for me, she would be there for anyone that requires a listening ear and would help where ever she can.
Even though she is a very busy lady she doesn't turn anyone away that requires help.
Her commitment to the community with organising fund raising and events is absolutely amazing.
I am honoured to be her friend.

Natural at connecting

Kelsey Horrell

As a 20 year old I feel Deborah is a great role model for teenagers because she has helped motivate me to create positive change in my life.
Deborah's genuine love of helping people is obvious and comes through in her courses. Deborah is a wonderful speaker because she uses her own life experience and creativity to make her courses appealing and unique.
As a trainer Deborah is very down to earth and relatable. She is a natural at connecting with different types of people and bringing out the positivity in everyone.


Deborah is based in Queenstown, New Zealand. Her practice is based in her home in Kelvin Heights. Deborah has very comfortable surroundings to ensure that all cleints feel relaxed and welcome.

Deborah is a qualified NLP Practitioner, Instructor and Time Line Therapist, along with over 20 years experience in the personal development industry. This allows for total peace fo mind and confidentiality at all times.

The first appointment with Deborah is usually 90 minutes and any follow up appointments are generally for 60 mins. Deborah offers all face to face appointments.

What is your investment? Including Tax

90 minutes$150
60 minutes$100

 Upon booking an appointment with Deborah, directions can be provided on where her practice is located.