Hello, I’m Elizabeth. I’m a wife, mother of two and I’m a change agent! As a change agent, I’m committed to helping others proactively and persistently create the passionate and purposeful lives they deserve. 

Although change is in our hands, it’s not always easy to achieve on our own. It’s okay to admit that we need help, that we can’t do it all or quite frankly we’re stuck and don’t know what to do next. We can be held back from moving forward by many things; the greatest one of all is our mindset. The things that have happened to us, the mistakes we feel we’ve made or things we believe we’re incapable or undeserving of, can inhabit our minds and stop us in our tracks. The results can be crippling both for ourselves and those around us. I don’t believe that should be anyone’s fate. I believe everyone deserves the right to be supported to live a happier and purposeful life. I believe anyone is capable of change; if they want it. 

These beliefs have driven my passion to help people live better lives, no matter where they find themselves. It’s important to me to support people with an unwavering commitment to the change they want to see, in a place of safety and without judgement. Becoming an NLP Coach and Time Line Therapy Practitioner was the biggest turning point of my life. It has equipped me with a unique set of tools to live out my passion and purpose to the full! Through NLP I have experienced remarkable transformation in my own life that has positively affected me and those around me. NLP sky-rocketed my motivation and belief that I can support and inspire others to achieve a life of excellence for themselves, quickly and with long lasting results.

I am particularly passionate about using NLP and Time Line Therapy to help adults and young people from all walks of life, free themselves from limiting beliefs, anxiety and depression, reduce their stress, increase their confidence and productivity, achieve their goals and highly effective outcomes in their lives. No matter what your starting point or current position is, if you’re ready for change and you want to be living your best life now, I’m here to work with you by equipping, supporting and showing you how amazingly capable you truly are! 


Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

Certified NLP Coach

Certified Practitioner of NLP 

Board Approved Coach 



Food addiction... 

I am moving residence again and I wanted to straighten up my diet and nutrition before I left the UK. This is when I met Elizabeth. From the minute I spoke with her I trusted in her, to be able to discuss personal aspects of my life. It was actually a really simple process, which she carried out whilst I was fully allowing my unconscious mind to make the change in my belief around a certain food. And wahoo! What a result... it's actually pretty mind blown so far and I never thought I could have been put off by this food. I would highly recommend Elizabeth to book an NLP session with. - Elizabeth Regan 

Limiting belief...

Since working with Elizabeth on my limiting beliefs about communication, interactions at work, in relationships, with everyone, seems so different and easy! I initiated a call with my parents, which I've not done in 2 years, and chatted at length. Usually I would wait for them to call me and then flinch at the thought of answering. Running my business is so much easier, and my outlook on my relationship has completely shifted for the better! I can't thank Elizabeth enough for helping me through this limiting belief I have carried around for so long! - Amanda Chappell 


Elizabeth runs sessions globally via Skype and in person, location depending. 

You should allow 90 minutes for your first session, and 60 minutes for subsequent sessions. 3 sessions will be diarised but may not be needed. 

Prior to your session with Elizabeth, she will send you questions and a contract via email to complete and return before your session. This allow you and Elizabeth to work together to get the best out of your session.

Sessions are £150 per hour.