Hello!  I'm Sarah El Madawi, an entrepenur, business woman, Mum and Grandmother!

I understand the challenges that life can bring both professionally and personally.  I have spent the last 30 years working as a management trainer/coach and project manager within both the financial services industry and business in general, I have always prided myself on helping individuals to manage changing circumstances and personal challenges.

Personal experience of overcoming life’s difficulties has given me the insight and empathy required for effective coaching.  As a mum of three grown up children and now a Nana, I have coached my family and many other individuals to exceed their own expectations, overcome their fears and become a healthier and happier person.

Whether you are a parent coping with teenage children, an individual who wants to overcome a specific issue or whether you simply what to explore your own capability, I can help.  Coaching is can be experienced face to face in the UK or the Algarve, Portugal or if preferred via Skype. No matter where you are located distance is no longer a barrier and help is available. 

I truly am amazed at the strength and capability that NLP tools and techniques can allow individuals to unleash.  I am thrilled when I see a person become a stronger and more confident version of themselves, to see someone overcome adversity and embrace life and all it has to offer is so special.  I love life and am living it!


Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
Certified NLP Coach
Certified Practitioner of NLP 
Board Approved Coach 


All Coaches abide by the Code and Ethics of these Boards

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Personal Decisions

I was recently introduced to Sarah in UK, when I was feeling pretty stagnant about certain parts of my life. The beautiful thing with Sarah was her positivity whilst we unpacked the root cause of this feeling, and I turned a limiting decision into deciding to do something about it, with no excuses. My excuses have been following me for years, but now this old belief doesn’t even have a title. Her professionalism and understanding through the session were top class. Many thanks Sarah

Elizabeth Regan


Sarah works in the Algarve, Portugal and the UK either travelling to the home of the client or working from her home in the Central Algarve or Yorkshire in the UK.   Alternatively sessions can be held by Skype for anywhere in the world.

'Your Life Live It' abides by INLPTA, ICF, ICI, APROCEP, The American Board of NLP and The New Zealand Association of NLP code of ethics, which means peace of mind with total confidentiality at all times.

The first session with clients is usually an hour and a half (90mins) and this gives you time for real benefits to be experienced. Should another session be required then this will generally be about an hour (60mins). A few days before the session Sarah will send or email you a contract and some questions to complete and return, which enables you to get the most out of your time together during the session.

90 minutes session
60 minutes session

£150 per hour (3 sessions will be diarised but may not be needed)