Specialised in: Creating Positive Change for the future.

Sean was originally born in Melbourne, where he lived most of his life, apart from a 4 year stint he spent growing up in Hong Kong.
Sean returned to Melbourne to finish high school where he then went on to study Visual Arts at University.
At a young age, Sean started working in customer service and has since worked in a variety of areas including; Security Industry, Building Industry, Customer service, Mining, Training/Instructing and Small Business.
On a search for change, Sean drove to Western Australia where a position as a carpenter in a (then) small mining town, lead him to work in the Mining sector for 9 years. Of these, Sean spent 7 years in Front-line Management for BHPBilliton Iron Ore and Fortescue Metals Group working in the Pilbara region.
In Mining, Sean worked on major projects and business improvement ideas and implementation using Six Sigma Techniques and Lean. Sean was part of the ongoing development team for the Newman Analytical Hub (Laboratory) developing and implementing operational and safety procedures and best practice, for BHPIO. Sean was also involved in the commissioning and running of the Newman Met Lab for FMG.
During his time at BHP Sean chaired a departmental safety committee and was a volunteer for the Mine Rescue Team.

Whilst living in the Pilbara, Sean became involved with various local clubs and Volunteered for the SES forming part of the Air Observers and Cliff Rescue Team.

Once again, searching for a new lease on life, Sean began a journey using NLP and Time Line Therapy to focus his goals and find what it was his Authentic Self was destined to do.
“NLP and TLT opened my eyes and view on the world. It allowed me to clearly see an opportunity I could help others recognise their unlimited potential, especially in young lives! The idea of helping people change their lives for the better, excites me and satisfies an internal craving that I have always had!”
Sean’s Life Goal is to open a creative learning centre for youth, with the vision of not only fueling the future creative minds but helping them share and express their ideas.


Your Career and Life Coach

  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Certified Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment
  • Certified Driving Instructor


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Sean is based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth.
Sean is Full of energy and positivity and just loves what he gets to do for a "job".
As a Coach, Sean works with people to help change their lives by letting go of that which may hold them back, and help them embrace their dreams and potential, by expanding their tool set.
If you would like Sean to help you with positive changes and help you focus on a future with a new look on life, drop him a line or give him a call.