Tracey was born in Blenheim and has lived all around New Zealand as well as in Australia and the UK. She has been living in Queenstown since 2001. Her background has been in IT Project Management, Lecturer in Information Systems at Victoria University, consultant and director for Brand Communications Ltd (Deloitte Fast 50 company), and is currently the Managing Director of Iconic Adventures and Director of BrandCom Projects and Management.

Tracey is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and is currently finishing off her research papers for her Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy. Tracey started practicing in 2008 and became an associate with Amanda and Your Life Live It, in May 2009.

"When I met Amanda I was and still am, in awe of her passion and love of life. It was Amanda who stimulated my interest and curiosity about NLP. Using both NLP and Hypnotherapy creates a toolbox to assist my clients in achieving what they want easily and quickly. Helping people realise their potential, and that they can create what they want from life using these tools is extremely rewarding.

Tracey is also an accredited Goulding SleepTalk™ consultant. SleepTalk™ is a process that is taught to parents and primary care givers, using positive and empowering phrases with children to install solid positive beliefs.
Areas that the SleepTalk™ process can help children in are:

  • Arguing and fighting
  • Sibling rivalry and conflict
  • Difficulties with school
  • Not doing their homework
  • Nail biting
  • Bed-wetting
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Speech problems
  • Intellectual impairment
  • Difficulty adapting to family situations

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Tracey's Qualifications

Your Coach & Hypnotherapist

Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Time Line Therapy™
Accredited Goulding SleepTalk™ Consultant
Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy (Intern)
BCA Hons


All Coaches abide by the Code and Ethics of these Boards

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Coaching a Coach

Sandy Denize, NLP Coach & hypnotherapist, Wellington, NZ

Tracey is both approachable and insightful. I had the privilege to work with Tracey and her passion for NLP, Hypnotherapy and working with people makes her one of the fine coaches. You will know once meeting with her that you are in very capable hands, and she will be interested and trusting in assisting you make a change for the better'.

Setting and Achieving Goals with Tracey

Esther, Queenstown.

" Tracey was a wonderful help to me during a period of confusion and indecision. Thanks to her I have now identified my goals and made firm steps towards achieving them. Warm and welcoming, I felt immediately at ease. I would definitely recommend a visit to her - without doubt worth every cent."

Sleeping Patterns

M Pinto, Brisbane

I have known Tracey for sometime now and sought her advice regarding consistent sleeping problems I have been having. During the course of my sessions with her, many other deep seeded issues became apparent and we have continued to work on these to a more than positive outcome. I found Tracey to be very sympathetic to my personal circumstances. During one of our sessions Tracey could clearly see I was becoming more and more unsettled with some of the imaging I was asked to follow, she picked up on this instantly and was able to communicate to me another way to address the issues, which in turn enabled me to process some very deep emotions. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey and will continue my personal journey with her.

What Parents Have Said About SleepTalk with Tracey

DH Queenstown

"As a mum of two children I am so pleased I learned about Sleep Talk. It is easy to use and is a great way to help build your child's self confidence and what is so fantastic is the benefits stay with them for life. I enjoyed working with Tracey and was very impressed with her knowledge of SleepTalk and the way she guided me through the process, communicating very clearly about what was required. The ongoing support was amazing too - Tracey followed up on all of our meetings and conversations and always gave useful advice to aid the SleepTalk process".


"Hi Tracey,
I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to “SleepTalk”. The nightly sleep talk with my girls is such a simple but lovely way for me to finish the day and even though I’m only part-way through the programme, has already improved my interactions with them. I have noted an increase in their confidence and self-esteem, and an improvement in behaviour. We now have more fun times, and fewer squabbles, which has been hugely rewarding for the whole family."


Tracey is currently based in Queenstown, New Zealand. 'Your Life Live It' abides by INLPTA, ICF, ICI, APROCEP and the New Zealand Association of NLP code of ethics, this means peace of mind with total confidentiality at all times.
The first consultation is generally for 90 minutes, this allows for a productive start for you the client, and any following sessions are for one hour. Tracey will send you a contract and some simple questions to complete prior to the session; this ensures you get the most out of your time together.

90 minutes session$150
1 hour session$100

Telephone and Skype sessions can also be arranged at the above rates.

Tracey uses both hypnotherapy and NLP, with both having an immediate impact. It is recommended to allow for at least 3 sessions, however every client is different and it depends on your needs. Take a look at the client testimonials, all these listed have seen Tracey either one to three times.
Queenstown Practice and Training centre (View location map | Download PDF version)
Tracey’s practice is in her home based at Kelvin Heights, the consultation room is totally private and comfortable.