Hi my name is Zo, I started my own business from the age of 21 whilst I was studying my degree. This business thankfully immersed me into the incredible world of personal development.

Since then, having seen phenomenal results from it personally it has become a huge passion of mine to share these life changing tools with others.

My mission is to empower others to believe in themselves & reach their true potential in life, whatever that might mean to them. I know that life is an adventure, there will be some amazing times in that adventure & some not so amazing times.  So having the right tools to keep you on track is crucial, especially so it can be the adventure you want it to be.

This is where I come in; I will guide you to become the best version of you & help work with you towards you needs to get the results you desire!

Always remember; you have more capabilities than you realise, don’t be afraid to ignite your potential & show the world what you are truly capable of. It’s what we were put on this earth to do!


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Belief Altering

Emma M

"Since our sessions I have been feeling so different, at first I didn’t really notice anything had changed, but over the past few days I have noticed I am reacting a lot different to things I normally would be up tight about I’m more layed back about. 
I don’t have any anger or sadness in me anymore which I have had for a long long time. 
I feel like I can take on anything I want and be deserving off if too, where as before I would have never felt that what way I always though good things like that don’t Happen to people like me. 
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for helping me make that shift and making me realise that I am enough and I can achieve anything I want too. 
I’m so excited to see where this year is going to take me.
You are amazing and feel blessed to know you"

Beth W

'Zoe has helped me to identify my life limiting belief and change that belief into the most amazing one that I know is changing me everyday into the most amazing version of me - did I tell you - for the first time in my 28 years of life, the day after my belief change I won some money on a scratch card?! 
More recently Zoe helped me set some goals in a goal planning NLP session, and I’m well on the way to making those goals become my reality! First steps of both goals achieved!
I can’t wait to continue to work with Zoe! She’s the most amazing and inspiring girl! I’m so lucky to call her my friend! 
Thank you so much for everything'

Poppy K

I’ve only had couple of sessions with her changing by limiting beliefs (which zoe helped me identify them) and since then my thinking and feelings have changed as if it’s MAGIC !! 😃
I feel I can sail through an ocean without any problem on my own. So so free within myself !! 
Unlike before when my self doubt used to hold me back. 
My beliefs around Love and self worth has grown so much in a month. 
I LOVE all and everyone loves me is my constant feeling.'


Coaching sessions: Zoe is currently working in the UK & internationally over video call.
Zoe’s first consultation is always for 90 minutes and any follow up sessions required will be 60 minutes, however via Skype all sessions are 60 minutes.
Zoe will send out some questions for you to complete before your first session with her, along with a contract for you both to agree to, this way both the client and the coach have 100% piece of mind of what to expect in the session. Zoe offers consultations both face to face and over skype.
What is your investment? All include tax

90 minutes£225
60 minutes£150

 A consultation room in person are totally private and based at my home. You can be assured that you will feel comfortable and listened to.