Relationships are one of the main reasons why people connect and coach with us, our ‘Communicate For Life Course’ sells out fast, people want to nurture their loved ones, want to find their one, and more importantly keep them. We want to fall in love and have that love last and grow throughout our time together on this earth. So why is it so bloody hard? Why do we make the same mistakes, attract the same negative patterns and people into our lives? Understanding your values, what you love and hold dear is one of the first steps in unlocking the truth’s about relationships and what will work for you.

  • We will help you see what you value and allow you to understand how this will help you to attract into your life, your one.
  • We will teach you tools that give you the knowledge to nurture and grow your connections with those you love.

How to find your one.

Let’s be clear, you will only find the one, when you are the one you want to be, if you don’t love yourself then loving another is hard, this is when people sabotage and destroy. The reason this happens is because you don’t believe you deserve love and happiness, it does not fit your idea of what life should be like for you and unconsciously we can unravel a good thing, before we know it we are alone again and wondering how that happened.

Learning how to love and respect yourself is the first part of finding your one. When we have worked with clients on this, they really get a feel of who their partner should be, they select on purpose, in alignment with their values and truths of what they hold dear. Being clear on the type of person you are wanting to share your life with is so important without this how can you find the one? Love at first sight? Maybe, if you are lucky but why leave it down to luck, when you can choose.

Once you find that one, you will have the tools to know how to really listen to them, how to connect at a deeper level and tell them when things are not quite right for you, in a way that leaves the relationship intact and healthy. This also ripples out to your loved ones, dealing with your teenager who has slammed his bedroom door, connecting with your daughter who has become distant or making those connections at work stronger. Basically it is all about what we say and how we listen.

If you want to move forward and learn more about yourself and the tools to make relationships work then connect with one of our coaches, take a look at see if a live Communicate For Life Course is running in your area or join us online with the same course and work at your own pace. There are lots of options to help you on your way to finding your one, why wait?