Boost Your Self Love™

Boost Your Self Love does exactly what it say's on the can. It's easy, it's fun, it's fast.

“I just finished  Module 2, so powerful, I didn't even think I could imagine a future but I did. I know where I wanna be within myself and how I would like to be, feeling positive, excited and determined about it all." 

  • Know what you value so you can attract the right people into your life.
  • Trust in your instinct so you can relax and know you are powerful.
  • Avoid making the same mistakes so you can live a happier and more positive life.
  • Lifetime access, with support and nurturing.
  • Rituals to start your day awesomely.
  • Tried and NLP tested tools that really work.
  • Bonus module to keep you on track.

Boost Your Self Love™
Just imagine what life will be like when you know how to be the best version of you!


24 December 2017

Take action now to boost the real you!

Your Life Live It is a Board Accredited and Approved Training School.



  • You will change your mindset just by watching the videos in these lessons and then you can use the learnings right now in your own life. 
  • You will be able to see things for what they are and remove the emotion. 
  • You will be able to delete stuff that doesn't serve you. 
  • And finally, you will understand what is not serving you even though you've convinced yourself otherwise. 


  • You will learn so much from this module, like what choices you have.
  • What will happen if you keep on the same path.
  • What life will be like if you change your game and get the life you want. 
  • Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the process.
  • It's time to learn your path and celebrate what you've got to look forward to.


  • Change the way you look at yourself NOW! 
  • You will start to see your full potential and we will start to make a concrete plan to make the best of it all.
  • You will see yourself in the very best light and we can make this real for you now.
  • You will connect with the love you have for you.


  • How are you tracking? 
  • You will look at how far you have come, what is working for you and what have your learnt?
  • In this module you will be integrating the new you on a daily basis, using our Harry Potter mirror process to help make this real and oh so fun!


  • Learn how YOU need to be loved, what you need to have in your life to feel love, and then bringing it to life! 
  • You will learn so much about yourself in this lesson and figure out why some things haven't worked out in the past. 
  • We give you three gems that will to allow you to know yourself on another level. 
  • This will then allow you to learn about your other half or how you are as the other half in a relationship. 
  • This is the key to both self love and real love with others!


  • We give you a bonus module to keep you on track.
  • We are committed to giving you the very best tools and tips for a passionate life.
  • Get ready to get our there and rock it.

What you get in this 5 module course

What others thought about this course

“Ok ladies you have completely shaken my world already, holy hell.”  

“Happy Thankful Thursday !  Let my attitude be gratitude. Just made my first cuppa in my favourite mug ~ despite all that is going on for me ~ My life is still a beautiful ride   I've just signed up for Just be Me too!!!” 

"Thank you Amanda and Sarah. You are great!!! Many, many thanks for all these wonderful videos, tips and support. The course Just Be Me must be great too. You are two amazing souls. God bless you both always."

What will this course give me?

Know what you value so you can attract the right people into your life.

Trust in your instinct so you can relax and know you are powerful.

Avoid making the same mistakes so you can live a happier and more positive life.

What you get:

  • 5 module online course.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Support and nurturing.
  • Tools to change your life.
  • Rituals to start your day awesomely.
  • Simple and easy tips.
  • Bonus module to keep you on track.

Your Trainers

Amanda has 30 years’ experience in human development. She was the Training Director for the Estee Lauder Corporation for Europe, Middle East and Africa and started Your Life Live It is 2008, helping people all over the world to live passionately.

Sarah has been working with Amanda running courses globally, coaching and helping people to reach their full potential for 3 years. She’s also an International Cricket star, having played all over the world for England, and she is passionate about living life to the full, every day.


The time is NOW!

Boost Your Self Love™

A Course from Your Life Live IT

Take action now to Boost Your Self Love




You will be learning from trainers who know how to teach, they make it fun and relaxed. Research shows that if you are relaxed and enjoying yourself then you retain 20% more information. Our students keep coming back to us, they tell us it’s because they learn and grow so much.

Our courses are tried and tested, we use award winning tools and you will learn so much as well as change your outlook in the process. Our Ultimate Coaching Certification is Board Approved and Accredited with the American Boards of NLP, NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, so your qualification will be recognised worldwide.

All our trainers are excellent at what they do, they have given time and money to learn how to be the best from the best. Amanda has been in the world of human development for 30 years and runs training courses all over the world, being voted the "Most effective trainer in Europe" for the whole cosmetic industry. This means that all our qualified trainers know their stuff. They will keep you engaged, you will feel relaxed and enjoy every step of your journey. Our courses are designed to teach you at the deepest level, so your retention of the information will be easy and effortless.


24 December 2017

Take action now to boost the real you!