Your Life Live It Instructor™

25-29 June 2018

Are you already a Your Life Live It Coach and NLP, TLT and NLP Coach certified? 

Then you are ready to start taking your business to a new level by running courses.  

We have 3 tried and tested courses, they have been running globally since 2008 and the proof is in the pudding, these courses work and our students love them. You are invited to attend Seize Your Life and Communicate For Life as part of your Instructors training, this is included in your fee.

After your Instructors course, you will be ready to get our there are train, to teach groups and increase your income, build your business and best of all, we have created all the materials for you, manuals, keynotes, tools, systems and funnels. BOOM off you go.

Your Life Live It Instructor™
Increase your Coaching business & become an Instructor now


Or 6 monthly payments of $220
30 April 2018

Earlybird ends 30 April 2018

Your Life Live It is a Board Accredited and Approved Training School.



  • You can work with groups and WOW them.
  • You will build your business and clients list.
  • You are seen as an expert in your field.
  • Your income will dramatically increase running courses.


  • You must be a Your Life Live It licensed Coach.
  • You will have been approved to attend this course by Your Life Live It.
  • You will be at a NLP, TLT and NLP Coach Board Approved level of qualification.
  • You will be an active Coach and working with clients.


  • Our Award winning Seize Your Life, 2 day course.
  • Your Presentation, Nail it, 1 day course.
  • Communicate for Life, 2 day course.
  • All materials and our Intellectual Property.
  • All course are Trademarked and can only be trained by our Instructors.

GET THE LOWDOWN how does it work?

How does the course work?

  • The Instructors Course is 5 days, here you will learn all you need to be a World Class Instructor, we will teach you all the tricks of the trade, you will be training your groups unconsciously with these NLP techniques and they will come back to you for more.
  • The course is very hands on with feedback, video, learnings left right and centre. You will work as a team with your coaching buddies and grow, plan and even train the courses together once you have qualified.
  • To learn about our 3 licensed courses you will be provided with video footage to refer to and learn from, however we also invite you to attend the LIVE training of Communicate for Life and Seize Your Life, attend as a student, play full out and this is included in your fee for the 5 day Instructors course.
  • Dates for your country are listed under Courses so check them out and book your seat, it is on us and will enhance your learning.

What will I get?

  • Your Instructors manuals for all courses.
  •  Students manuals ready to print.
  • All tools needed for the courses.
  • Power Point and Keynote presentations, with video and breaks embedded.
  • All resources, including all admin for the smooth running of your courses.
  • Your countdown checklist to running an amazing training course.
  • Email templates for your client base.
  • Funnel ideas to get your audience excited.
  • Every detail is branded, God is in the details.
  • Support out there in the field.
  • Ongoing feedback and mentoring as one of our Instructors.

What else will I learn?

  • The Your Life Live It Instructor course is all about being an incredible trainer using NLP techniques to teach at an unconscious level. 
  • Your students will learn easily and effortlessly as a result of learning these world class skills. When you leave the course you will take with the skills and confidence to be able to present with ease. You will be able to hold your own short courses, introduction talks and design your own material.
  • This course will give you that missing link taking you from Coaching one on one to running ours and your own courses with confidence. You will learn how to create your own courses, how to deign your talks and keynotes, how to WOW your audience.
  • If you want to be on the world stage and talk to thousands then this course is a must.


  • Move an audience with emotion.
  • Structure content to capture attention.
  • Use of tone, pace and rhythm to create interest.
  • Use of metaphor to engage an audience.
  • Use of posture and gestures to add emphasis.
  • How to deliver the content in a way that works, every time.
  • Taking control of your state, being a World Class Speaker and Instructor.

Your Trainers

Amanda has 30 years’ experience in human development. She was the Training Director for the Estee Lauder Corporation for Europe, Middle East and Africa and started Your Life Live It is 2008, helping people all over the world to live passionately.

Sarah has been working with Amanda running courses globally, coaching and helping people to reach their full potential for 3 years. She’s also an International Cricket star, having played all over the world for England, and she is passionate about living life to the full, every day.

Your Host

Spectrum is in a brilliant location in Leeds, we love being at their venue, it is our home from home.


The time is NOW!

Your Life Live It Instructor™

A Course from Your Life Live IT

25-29 June 2018

Leeds. UK

Earlybird ends 30 April 2018


You will be learning from trainers who know how to teach, they make it fun and relaxed. Research shows that if you are relaxed and enjoying yourself then you retain 20% more information. Our students keep coming back to us, they tell us it’s because they learn and grow so much.

Our courses are tried and tested, we use award winning tools and you will learn so much as well as change your outlook in the process. Our Ultimate Coaching Certification is Board Approved and Accredited with the American Boards of NLP, NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, so your qualification will be recognised worldwide.

All our trainers are excellent at what they do, they have given time and money to learn how to be the best from the best. Amanda has been in the world of human development for 30 years and runs training courses all over the world, being voted the "Most effective trainer in Europe" for the whole cosmetic industry. This means that all our qualified trainers know their stuff. They will keep you engaged, you will feel relaxed and enjoy every step of your journey. Our courses are designed to teach you at the deepest level, so your retention of the information will be easy and effortless.


Or 6 monthly payments of $220
30 April 2018

Earlybird ends 30 April 2018