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We have done it all for you

Maybe you have been coaching a while and not getting clients, maybe your systems have not been set up and you are in the dark as to how to make your sessions work well for you. We have it all here for you, in the Business in a Box™ 

You can invest in our Business in a Box™ and run with this in your own business and brand, or come and join us, there are four levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum so every need is catered for. 

It starts with the Bronze Package, this is a white label package and allows you to get going with the basic tools you need to build your brand. Moving through the levels you receive more and more input and support from us here at Your Life Live It.

Maybe you want to join our team of Coaches and there is no need to waste time writing the content for your website, paying designers, advertising on FaceBook, having a marketing social media expert, we do all this for you.

If you are the right fit for our brand you could be up and running seeing clients within a week after joining our team.  

Amanda and Sarah have over 40 years experience in human development. This has built valuable expertise in all aspects of the training and coaching business, from marketing and logistics to accounting and client management. Both work globally and have offices in Portugal and New Zealand and they want to share all of this knowledge with you, so they have created a Business in a Box™ for coaches.

If you join our team or just invest in the Business in a Box™, you will have all you need to get going right away and know you have a system that works. 

It's easy, once you join, you are one click away to accessing your tools and start helping clients, if you chose to join our team we will have you up and on our site within a week, everything has been done for you. 

You can access the Bronze Package here now for only $1197 USD. We can offer you an exclusive payment plan offer of only $100 USD per month for 12 months.

I want the Bronze Package now

I want the Bronze Payment Plan $100 per month x 12