What do i need

Do you want to join our team? 

In order to come on board with Your Life Live It we need you to have a recognised Accredited Coaching qualification, such as an NLP Practitioner or Certified Hypnotherapist.

If you have not yet qualified, then Your Life Live It can accredit you with the American Boards of NLP, Timeline Therapy® and Hypnotherapy through ourUltimate Transformational NLP course or Master Hypnosis Certification.

We also will supply you with a list of other training companies in the country where you live who provide in our opinion first class training.


Experience isn’t essential, a massive congrats if you have a client list, however we would like to know how long you have been qualified and who you trained with.

Online Hangout

Grab your favourite cuppa and let's talk. We would like to meet you wherever you are in the world and just get to know you a little better, and it also gives you a chance to ask us anything you may have been wondering. Literally get yourself comfy with a coffee and we can have a 30 minute chat.

What's Next?

Head on over and complete our wee quiz, it's more about what your values are around Coaching, we want to ensure we are fully aligned so growing together is super fun. It is split into 3 sections and really easy.