3 Easy Steps to Live Your Life a Moment at a Time.

11 Oct 2017

“Are we nearly there yet?”

Don’t they always ask this? They are in the car for around 10 minutes and it starts, the journey is just that, a journey for the little ones, it’s not part of the experience. Is your life a little like that, do you feel that you are wishing your time away, wanting to get to the good bits, the part when you can say, life is like it should be now, I deserve it?

If your answer is yes, then you are sadly in a majority, we find working with our clients that most want to skip forward to the pleasure and bypass the pain. In a world when we can get what we want, when we want, well the truth is this, it’s an illusion, a cunning trick and John Lennon said it best, ‘Life is what happens whilst you are making other plans.’ So, live your life, all of it, if you fast forward the ugly bits you miss out on growth and grit, character and gumption. Sound scary? Good, glad I got your attention, now if you really want to live a life that is full, read on.

Step 1. You are you, everyone else is taken.

You are where you are in your life because of the choices you have made, the path you have chosen, your actions or lack of actions. Embrace that and if you are thinking, “That’s a load of codswallop Amanda, what the hell are you talking about?” Hear me out.

You have a choice, you can either blame others for where you are, your parents, your school, your job, your boss, your partner, your failed relationships, your health and if you do blame others, then you are not responsible, so you have no ability to respond, you render yourself powerless.

Or you can take responsibility and know that at some level either consciously or unconsciously your choices have led to where you are, then you have an ability to respond, and by taking responsibility you can change it. It is not being done to you by some outside force, one you cannot control, it is you and you get to control you, now that is powerful.

Embrace who you are, all of you. When I got cancer, and healed from it I learned so much about myself and those around me, when I lost my husband to the same disease I was taught lessons that some will never learn. This is gold and yet I don’t deny there were times through the two years when these events took place that I thought, let’s just skip forward to the bit where everything is OK. But it can never be just OK, that’s called settling, I learned that to get the juice out of life you must live both sides and learn lessons that only diversity and pain can teach you as success is a terrible teacher.

Step 2. Live in the now.

When the proverbial hits the fan, know that this is a time to learn, there is a great lesson in there somewhere and nothing stays the same for long, life promises one thing, change. So not matter how painful it is right now, know it will change. Seek out the teacher and go out and dance in the rain, you will in time dry off.

Step 3. Be grateful.

This is undervalued, in a time when gratitude is all over the place, you can’t scroll through your feed without some quote about it, some random act of kindness, some image of a small fluffy teddy bear and warmth tribute to being grateful. It is being diluted like ink from a fountain pen, everyone paying it lip service but not really connecting with it. So, I challenge you to connect, starting tomorrow wake each morning and say out loud three things you are grateful for, first thing before getting out of bed and sit with them, wear them, feel them.

Here’s what they will do;

Surprise you.

Make you smile.

Make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Allow you to connect with beauty.

Bring a tear to your eye.

Put things into perspective and oh yes….

I bet they are all free?

Lessons in life are free, the only cost is your time and the payoff is a better you, a stronger, resilient, loved and lived in you. So, go on if you live life to the full, join the rare, if you dare.