3 ways to seize your life, easily.

09 Aug 2018

Do you feel that you are in a rut, same old stuff over and over again?

Does it feel like the universe is working against you, little niggles that remind you it is? Spilling your coffee, can't find your keys, your Mac won't behave itself, little things that add up, making you feel frustrated. 

These three steps will help you to reclaim power over your life quickly and super simple.

1. When you wake up, before you have even reach for your phone, ask yourself this question;

"What 3 things am I most grateful for in my life today?"

I promise you this will be a game changer, when you start your day with heart felt gratitude, it reconnects you with what is really important in your life and my guess is, it won't be your car, your house or your things. It will allow you to connect with all that is precious to you, this makes the 'stuff' seem trivial, which, of course it is.

2. When a niggle happens don't react to it, observe it. 

Play a game where you 'OUT' it. It kinda looks like this, you are going about your day, la de da and BOOM, you spill your coffee, can't find your keys, fill in the (______) gap. 

Catch it, don't be in it, smile to yourself and say there you are, you little niggle, not getting me today, nope, you will have to try again tomorrow. And then just repeat, repeat, repeat. 

This will do several things, you won't be in it, so you will not be doing what you normally do. For me it's a few, well, no, to be honest, it's a barrage of big girl swear words, building into banging things and feeling stress building up in my body, shortness of breath, getting hotter, you get the picture? Rather than do that, instead I can choose to smile and say, got ya you little ............., nope you can't wind me up today. I am not in it, I am watching it pass by and moving on. Less stress, no momentum, calm, resourceful and productive.

3. Have your Greatest Showman moment, what is your chant, your song to your soul? 

It's time to write your song, your script, your story, it's time to design it, not just roll with what might already be there, under the radar.

What generally happens unknowingly, is that your song could destructive, it may include lyrics like, stupid, fat, useless, no good, can't do this, who do I think I am, what do they think of me, unfit, not attractive, too young, too old. 

Clients chant these kind of things to themselves, daily, habitually, under the radar and guess what? You are always listening, so design your song, like a song writer would for an epic super hero trilogy, it is on purpose and each and every lyric is designed to have an emotional response. 

Get song writing, design your script, we have a cheat sheet for you, download it and away you go, pick 3, say them everyday, sing them in the car, make it your soundtrack to your epic life. We help clients' to design their life, we start with deleting their old stuff, their old stories they have been telling themselves and then write a new one and install that, using NLP, a little like an app, here's a TV clip of me explaining what NLP is, it can be confusing, I know!


So there you have it, 3 steps, simple and easy to take your from 'The UNIVERSE is AGAINST me' to 'I am in control and I am living my life by design.' If you want to really take charge then answer these few questions below.

  • Do you want your dreams, goal and aspirations to come true? 
  • Do you want live a life you have designed, grabbed it and said, this is enough now, I am taking over, I am driving? 

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