5 Methods to The Art of Letting Go….

07 May 2018

Our fabulous coach Elizabeth Regan is as dynamic as they come. Currently changing lives in Cambodia she has an affinity for nourishment of the soul. Read her tip 5 tips for letting go. 

Got something that has been draining you of energy?

Got something that doesn’t serve you purpose but you cant get out of your mind?

Got something from your past, that bothers you, and you need to let it go?

Here are five methods which I have trialed and tested across the years, and still maintain all of them in my life today…  Its not always easy to let go, so let me help you with some options.

1.     The Want….

You need to want to let go of that something, in order for it to dissolve.  Yes… It is ok to want to let go of something that has come into your life, mind, awareness… It is ok!  If your unsure if you truly need to or want to, then you have a little more work to do, to dig a bit deeper into the scenario, before you break through into the want! You may also ask, what if my heart wants something and my mind is telling me the other…… You need to want to change, to create the change.

2.     Meditate & Breathe….

“The Power of Now” by the legend Eckhardt Tolle.  If you haven’t already read it, please read it.  I wonder why it has taken 32 years to become part of my life!  In my opinion this should really be taught to children from pre school age.  My advice to you…. Practice being present, Live in the now, Be in the now.  If you find it hard at first, keep your eyes open but focus on a point in front of you that is static, that isn’t moving… ok? Good…. Now start taking deep inhale and exhale breaths, that are of even tone, and when your ready, when you can, close your eyes….. Good.  Now with your eyes closed focus on the back of your head, remember to continue to breathe deeply.  And enjoy being completely in the now, it feels good right? If you can have quiet time for only 5 minutes per day to start building this into your everyday life, it’s a super start.  

3.     Boost Your Love…..

Every time you even decide to let go of something that doesn’t serve you, you develop another beautiful vibrant petal on your very own flourishing flower on your tree of life.  Each time you develop more self love, congratulate yourself… This is amazing progress, and you are a better person for doing so.  Remember you are your own vehicle.  Make that vehicle a shiny bright red Ferrari, instead of a broken down van in a garage.  Are you ready to get stuck into boosting your love?  Check out your ticket to getting underway with this. 

4.     Reiki…..

I have recently had a series of Reiki sessions with a skilled practitioner here in Cambodia.  She also used Chakra Crystals in the final session, to really amplify the session and gain maximum results.  Now whether you are a believer in holistic healing or not, a Reiki session is a deeply therapeutic treatment and you will experience an affect, of that I am sure.  I went in, not with the intention of letting go of something from my past, but actually with a current pain of a sore knee from too much yoga!  And I left after 60 minutes and a rollercoaster of emotions later, feeling completely liberated and mesmerized.  The experience created a feeling of coughing in my throat, to the point of uncontrollable coughing, followed by the sensation of being choked on my throat (Note: there were no hands physically on my body anywhere at this stage.)  I felt a warming sensation on the area of my heart, and as both these sensations increased in the heart and throat area, the emotions started to flow from my eyes through tears, I felt my heart burst open with fullness and energy and the coughing and choking sensation in my throat began to stop.  It was at this stage I had released a blockage….. Now clarity… something from my past which I had been holding onto, manifesting over…. I had let go.

5.     Break Free from your Limiting belief….

Correct! Yes you heard it right!  You can actually physically, mentally and emotionally break away from a belief that is restricting you and weighing you down.  Time to rewire our brain!  So what I want you to do is write down the limiting belief, Acknowledge that this is not the truth, it is only a belief.  Now try to reframe that statement, create a form of positivity into the belief that you actually want, and really feel it, not just say it.  Now go and act like your new belief is true!  Taking action, even the smallest step will help your new belief make progress!  And before you know it you will have realized you have ‘let go’ of that past limitation.  Remember It Is Your Life Live It!

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