A simple question that will change how you feel.

26 Aug 2021

How to grab the hidden gems of a lockdown.

Here we go again…..

It feels a little like Deja vu right?

I have a question that might just change how this feels for you.

When we went into lockdown 1.0 it was a bit of a novelty, the quiet, the nature coming closer, the clear diaries. With that also came the worries, the uncertainty, the groundhog days.

Since that time we have been so busy, helping people with their mental health, anxiety being a huge issue. We set about creating online tools to help people navigate the unknown, we gave these tools away and continue to do so to this day. See below for the info on the free stuff.

One of the first questions we ask our clients is what it is you want from our time together, most people tell us what they don’t want, what they want to move away from, the list is like this;

  1. I don't want to feel anxious anymore.
  2. I don't want to keep waking up feeling like the day is over already.
  3. I want to stop this behaviour.
  4. I want to stop talking to myself so badly.
  5. I don’t want to feel like this anymore.

The focus is what they want to stop, yet when we ask them what they want instead they don't know.

Sometimes we only focus on what we don't want and not what we do want.

Lockdowns do that to us.

We focus on what are the negatives, what we are missing, what we can’t do and in turn we create anxiety by worrying about the future. The truth is that anxiety is an emotion of the future, we are projecting out there into the void and seeing it go wrong, we are creating Future Memories™ that in turn creates anxiety.

So how can you get the most out of your lockdown?

Ask yourself this question at the end of each day.

“ When this is all over what will I wish I did more of?”

When we ask an intelligent question our neurology gives us an intelligent answer. This question does that, creates positive answers, whatever your feedback is, make that happen the next day.

The answers I got were;

Spend quality time with my twins.
Learn to cook better (I was pretty bad).
Spend time on self development.
Clear out the cupboards.
Get creative.
Connect more with people I have not spoken to in a long time.

See what comes up for you, a simple question that changes how you feel about a situation we cannot change.

If you want to access our resources then go to our website, hop onto our courses page and check out our courses, Seize Your Life and Just Be Me are free. 

Over 4,000 people have done just that.