Business Development is Personal Development

04 Jun 2018

This is a brilliant blog by one of the newest members of our tribe Mark Hsueh.  Mark is a self made entrepreneur who highlights the trials and tribulations of making it work and more importantly checking in with yourself and your EGO!

Business Development is Personal Branding..

Being an entrepreneur is dumb levels of crazy hard. We’ve all heard the stats, 50% of businesses don’t survive past the first year. Not actually true, but the majority of businesses don’t last. It’s easy to dismiss this as a lack of business acumen or faulty business planning - which are very real and plausible factors, but we’ve all seen businesses that have really marketable ideas that still end up closing down. I believe there’s another factor which tends to get overlooked, the mental and emotional fortitude of the person behind the venture.  


I’ve always found it hard explaining or highlighting the difficulties of going out on my own. In my experience the act of starting and running your own business is deeply personal in that each person has their own things in life that they push up against, and the experience of living your own life – whether that be business, performing etc, forces each individual to have to face their unique personal hang ups. So what I’ve realised is that business development actually becomes an unstructured and unscripted real world exercise in personal development. The endless amount of personal growth one must go through to stay sane let alone relevant is nuts. 

For me personally, it was an ego thing. I craved acknowledgement via success – to be unique and noticed. It wasn’t until I heard something at a seminar did I realise how out of whack my personal integrity was - when I say ‘integrity’ I don’t mean that in a moral way but in terms of living a whole and complete life. It required outside guidance to break the mental and emotional loop that had been running my life up till that point to see that I had placed my happiness and worth in the hands of someone else, who ironically didn’t even know. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t end in a happy life. That fresh perspective gave me the opportunity to determine what made ME happy and to see my place in the world around me and what I could do to serve that.  

Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods were literally the best players in the world at their respective sports, yet they still had specially selected coaches to help them with their game because they could provide insight that neither athlete could spot on their own. Personal development isn’t about needing to be “coached” because of some kind of ‘flaw’ or ‘problem’ in our persons, but rather creating an awareness of what may be missing or not working in our lives and being able to provide tools and support to move past that.  

No one would ever argue that to gain adequate results in anything – sports or business etc. one needs good coaches. If you would hire a coach to improve your golf swing why would we treat our own lives any differently?

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