Ever wondered what can change lives for life ? Welcome to NLP.....confused? Read on.

13 Oct 2017

What the hell is NLP? The first time I heard about this I was so confused, Neuro-Linguistic what? And then I studied it, trained in it and BOOM my Coaching career changed, literally overnight.

You see all NLP is really is the study of excellence, rather than study psychological problems and how they operate in the brain, the founders of NLP studied people who out thought their problems and lived an excelled life, they found common strategies that ran in these people and hey presto, they created processes so coaches like me can run these with their clients.

I had been in human development since I was 19 and it took me until I was 38 to find the pot of gold at the end of a very long rainbow, so literally overnight my clients got change that lasted and took less time. And therefore, what NLP does is allow the coach to, as if by remote control, rewire the brain, undo what is not working and install what does. I even joke with my clients that it is like a virtual surgery, painless, fun, entertaining and easy.

Whatever the problem, anxiety, stress, lack of self-esteem, children still wetting the bed, fear of (fill the gap), whether a client is new to personal development and super charged and at the top of their game, NLP can help to take them higher, find more balance or simply help them get rid of the things that are stopping them live a full life. If you want some proof then take a look at what clients have said here.

The beauty is that it takes in some cases just one session, I worked with a client who was so frightened of flying she could not even think about boarding a flight, when I told her it would take one session of 90 minutes, she was totally sceptical. However, not flying was not an option, she had to get over it, so came to see me for 90 minutes and was delighted.

"Well, I must say I was sceptical, you believed it would work, I was wrong, you were right, now I am a believer. Being able to fly for the first time without medication and relax at the same time was amazing. Thanks Amanda."

If you want to know more then ask away, it is my passion, I love what I do because I believe in the technology I use. I always tell my clients it is not me who does anything really, all I do is hold the remote and they do the changing by following my instructions.

I now teach others to do the same and have a team of coaches who work with us around the world, we are running our next course in London in November, so if you fancy a life changing journey or a change in career to Coaching then come on board. 

It will blow your mind.