How open minded are you, really?

13 Oct 2016

Recently we've been bombarded with diversity.

If you've ever been to L.A, you'll know the diversity in that city. All walks of life sharing the same city, accepting each other in a judge free environment. And it was so refreshing to see. If you live in the UK or NZ you will know this is not always the case. We have been conditioned with the inverted 'tall poppy' syndrome. 

When a person states their point of view as a reality, they will say things like, "That business will never succeed in this town, there is just not the need for another coaching practise". Or "They don’t have enough experience to make this work". How about "You shouldn’t be doing another long endurance event, you will damage your knees."

You know the kinda thing right? Sound familiar? 

People often state their judgement as fact, and offer no movement, no discussion, no opportunity that their view isn't correct. It's "I am right and you are wrong".

You have heard me talking about the DELETE button and this behaviour is something you just need to delete, delete, delete.
But, I also want you to look at what makes this person make such statements, why do they have that point of view? That way, you can start to figure out to respond.

I personally believe that when someone states their opinion as a fact, it is allowing them their own voice of judgement, of truth, and in a way this elevates them in their own minds. It says to those listening that they know and others don't, I know and you don't. "It will never work, I know this from my experience, and that is the truth of the matter."

Ever heard that wall put up in front of you? 

The funny thing is, it's actually a tool that politicians use. Motivational speakers use it but in reverse, so in a positive way rather than negative.

We believe that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have, but when you view the world from a positive position rather than a negative, it's a game changer. We can listen to the judger and know that this is all they can do right now with what they have and we can choose to delete, delete, delete or seek to understand their position.
Just know that if someone has such different values than your own, then quite frankly why waste your time, just hit the bloody delete button.

So are you open minded? Can you allow yourself to listen to another and know this is just their version of reality? So it is real for them, however the statement so many people miss off is “In my opinion………”

The world would be a better place if more people used this.

This week just be aware of any judgments you may be making. Listen to your inner voice. Insert the judgment here, and ask yourself, "Do I want to understand their point of view more? Maybe I will learn something, there is no right or wrong, just interesting to notice". All in my opinion of course!