How to fall in love with your life

16 Jul 2018

Falling back in love with my life was a big goal for me 3 years ago, having had surgery to remove a cancerous kidney, then a long cancer journey with my late husband, life seemed to be just getting too much. I took time away from my passion and business to find myself and learn from the shaping balls that had hit. 

I knew I had to fall back in love with my life and the first thing I did was ask myself a question, let me ask you the same one. It is important to answer with your first gut response, ready?

"Are you great at starting things, changing things or finishing things?" 

Depending on your answer will depend on your results in life and how much you love your life. 

If you said I am a great starter then you probably have great enthusiasm for new ideas, you are creative and love to take a risk or two. Yet, down the track you haven't finished what you started, it's lost its' shine and you are onto the next thing. 

If you said changing things then you are on track but then change direction half way through, this shows you are flexible, yep, you can spin on a dime. Yet the end goal, the outcome you aimed for at the beginning has now morphed into something else, sameness, nothing new, nothing actually has changed. 

I used four NLP mindsets to help me fall back in love with my life, one of them was to set goals, bring things into my life that would create joy, hope, learnings and growth.

I have just set myself a new challenge, on the 20th of August I will be attempting to cycle up Mont Ventoux in France, it is part of the Tour de France and our challenge is to cycle it as many times as we can between sunrise and sunset. 21Km of climbing 1912 metres with a average of 7% grade and a max of 12%. 

It will be tough, it will be lung busting, it will be excellent and providing sore bottoms, yet I am up for it. Ultimately this reconnects me with being alive and loving my life.

Why? Because I love life's adventures. The best things in life aren't things, they're memories. So I have started, I can't change track half way through or it will hurt like hell on the day, I have to stick to my plan. 

And we are going to how you how to do the same, not climb the mountain but achieve your wildest dreams. Not start it and loose the mojo, but actually get it done, get your mind onside and learn about how incredible your ability to succeed is, with the right approach and neurology to get you there. 

I set up my company 10 years ago, over the last decade we have helped 1000's of clients achieve amazing things, set up a business, write a book, move country, find a life partner, run crazy marathons, win medals in the Commonwealth games, you name it they've done it, now it's your turn. If when setting goals, you have seen this list below before then you are in for a bloody great time with the four part course we have designed for you. 


1) Decide what you want.

2) Work out what you need to do to get it.

3) Put together an action plan.

4) Have progress checks to ensure you’re on track.

Sound familiar? Dull as dish water hey? And not effective, these are common steps in standard goal-setting and there are two major problems with this method.

One, it relies totally on a conscious process and does nothing to engage the unconscious mind, so breaking old destructive habits and making new, better ones is going to be hard going. Two, it accepts the initial goal you decide upon without question.

When we set ourselves a goal or a challenge it is important to know that usually, the goals we come up with for the first step aren’t what we really want. 

Life is all about emotions, not goals, all they do is create the emotion we are after, this in turn brings a new love of life. For example, if your goal is to run a 5km race, what makes you really want to do it? Is it to feel you’re doing your part for charity? Is it to feel satisfied that have an exercise regime that’ll make you feel fitter, stronger, younger and full of life?

It’s important to dig deep to discover the emotions behind your goals. It’s the emotion behind any goal that gives us a life that is full. That’s why if you can identify it and work out what you’re really after, what emotion is going to bring you happiness, feel alive, love your life again? Challenges are great, you are always much more that you think you are, experiencing that first hand builds confidence, self esteem, amazement and you will learn heaps at the same time. What is it that you need to do to fall  in love with your life? Let us help you as we have done 1000's of clients over the last decade.

So take our ten year birthday gift we have created and sign up,  we will take you on your journey of doing, finishing and  getting what you want in life. Join us in the Changing Room, where goals get giddy.

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