It is what it is

24 Mar 2020

Lockdown, social distancing, self isolating, in our life time, who would have thought it?

And yet here we all are, in it together. Social media is flooded with messages about caring for others, being kind, be united and staying home. 

We all have our worries, our fears and how we respond will shape how this plays out in our life. It is what it is. It has happened, we can't change that.

So what can we change? What we do now. 

Our thoughts become things, if we spiral into a panic, if we worry and become focused on a negative future then we will feel really bad, we will not sleep and the NOW becomes taken away from us. Wishing it hadn’t happened is futile too, we can’t change it and living in the past robs us of the NOW again.

Stay in the now, be here, choose how to spend your time, ask yourself “What else can this mean?” And notice what comes up for you. One thing we know is we don’t’ know what the future holds, no one could have seen this coming so why hang out there? 

If you want to spend 15 minutes in the NOW then download this Hypnosis Audio, it is free for you and a great way to allow your para-sympathetic system to recharge, relax and boost your immune system.

Enjoy, be safe.