My journey from client to coach, warning….its raw!

20 Dec 2017

Zoe Stuart is a brilliant new part of the Your Life Live It family,  having excelled in her business she is now hitting the ground running in a fun and innovative way.  Hold onto your hats, this lady will rock your opinion of personal development using NLP.

I started my own business from the age of 21, which most people will think is quite impressive, although I had a HUGE problem. I was at the lowest point in my life to date. I had developed depression and as a result anorexia nervosa, even though at the time I had no idea what there were. I now understand they are both extremely common mental illness in the world of mental health. It was from this experience I really started to understand the power of the mind, even if it was in a negative light.

Good fortune came my way and my business immersed me into the incredible world of personal development. I literally loved learning all about the fascinating world of the mind. 

Ever since then I have been passionate about learning everything I can, practicing it on myself and wanting to share the tools with others. I have always wanted to help people especially after what I had been through. 

It has always been in my heart and my calling but I had one big problem, I did not know how to create lasting change quickly for me and for those around me. I was frustrated as I couldn't truly impact others the way I wanted to and didn’t feel fulfilled, this was something I was desperate to change.

That is until I came across Amanda & Sarah & the world of NLP. Experiencing life changing results for myself and witnessing them in my brother in only a few sessions, meant I knew I had to learn these tools & start to help others immediately.

I registered on the NLP practitioner course for 7 days in London & was blown away by the whole experience. Not only did I learn some of the most amazing tools, I met some incredible people in the process. After the course I knew I needed to have a clear direction to put what I have learnt into action. 

Just like life, the world of business can be an adventure. There will be some amazing times in that adventure & some not to amazing times, so seeing that I could come on board with Your Life Live It as a coach made smile from ear to ear.

I know that having support is critical for success and I couldn’t have asked for anything better from Amanda, Sarah and the ‘Your Life Live It’ team. The structure they have in place is perfect for someone to be able to hit the ground running to succeed as an NLP coach & start making a positive impact!

>>> Zoe is an incredible coach with a young, innovative coaching style, you can reach here.

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