The Steps I Took to Better Help Others

06 Apr 2018

Rebecca Cousins  is the Winner of  'Kent Teacher of the Year'  Rebecca Cousins is one of a kind who has dedicated the last 20 years to teaching. Sharing with you her desire to dig a little deeper to help and support the younger generation with their struggles.

We are proud to have her as part of our tribe as she goes forth helping lots of young lives transform. 

I always wanted to be a teacher and have now been teaching for almost 20 years. Since having my own children I realised my passions lay with the wellbeing and mental health of young people. I became pastoral lead in the school I work in. This involved working with children who suffered with anger issues, anxiety, attachment problems and seclusion, amongst other things.
Unfortunately I also found myself helping several children through all consuming and very sudden grief. I had received some training within my role, a couple of days here and there. I learned strategies and gleaned advice on dealing with the above issues. But when you are faced with children and famillies who are depending on you in such a devastating situation, you can easily be left feeling out of your depth. My peers at work were very supportive. I also found that I was answering their concerns about how best to answer difficult questions form children and parents.
I was completely overwhelmed when I received a letter inviting me to the Kent Teacher of the Year awards. Peers and parents within the school had felt me worthy of such recognition and had nominated me for an award! It was a fabulous evening, which I attended with my husband. I gratefully received the award for Primary Teacher of the Year, on behalf of the children, families and staff I had supported.


Even so,  I know that I needed to enhance my skills to fully feel that I was creating change for anyone I had the honour of working with, no matter what their struggle. In my time working with children I had spoken to countless parents who were in a negative frame of mind, created purely out of worry for their child’s wellbeing. I wanted to find something that was solution based and effective. It needed to have the ability to make big change in a positive way. I didn’t have the luxury of time to offer counselling to these families, but I knew it needed to be as powerful.


That is when I looked further into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I was excited by the prospect that I could create big change within a client in as few as one to three sessions. Imagine that! I decided to train to be a coach and what I learned during that time was staggering. I had finally found the tools I needed to enable adults to feel empowered and in control, and for children to feel confident and less anxious. The primary element I was drawn to was that the tools, once mastered, can create change in so many areas. From how you perceive yourself, to feeling the fear of phobias. From goal setting, to dealing with trauma. The scope of skills I gained were phenomenal.

Fully equipped

I now feel super equipped to help others. Overall, I feel excited to create change and help future families to reconnect, and move forwards. The clients I have worked with so far reported positive change in only a couple of sessions. That was it, I was hooked!  Your life Live It, whom I trained with, are immensely knowledgable in NLP and I am fortunate enough to now work under their umbrella. I can honestly say the training has changed my life, and I, in turn, want to enable others to change there lives for the better.

Coming soon

I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing bloggers who are bravely going to share their honest experiences of their NLP sessions with me in the near future.  I have not had the privelege of reading their accounts as yet. Exciting yet tense times for me!
Do you suffer with anxiety or a phobia? Do you have a goal in mind that you think you can’t reach or a habit you are desperate to break? Are you suffering with PTSD or the impact from a trauma that you carry daily? Does a belief you have about yourself stop you from moving forward? NLP can help you gain control of these issues amongst others.
It’ll blow your mind!
Thanks so much for reading.
Bec. x

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