What is one of our most valuable commodities? Time, use it well.

26 Mar 2020

If you have ever lost a loved one, you will know that one thing you wished you had more of was time with them.

If your kids have grown up then one thing you will do, is wish you could turn back the clock, it gives so fast.

If you felt like life was whizzing by you then now, only now, do we have this whole month and time we have been given to us, free!

How do we use one of our most valuable commodities well? We plan and track it in a simple format that gives us feedback and keeps us on track. I have yours for you to download and start today and I also have the chapter of my book to support you as you use it, free of course. This tool won an ‘Innocentive Award‘ back in 2007 for being the most effective habit installer out of 1600 other solutions. It allows you to installs for longevity, so it works, it is simple as super easy to use. 

What habits do you want to install over the next month? Here’s what others have done;

Lost weight, started a health regime, learn something new, read more books, connect more with friends and family  (digitally of course) play more with their kids, be more creative, drink green tea, drink more water, meditate, write, cook more,  eating healthier and so the list goes on.

What do you want to install? They don't have to be big habits, like run 10K per day,  small things can have a huge impact, stretching for 5 minutes each day or changing your coffee for a fresh juice.

Let’s use this time well, the chapter of the book will give you all you need to get started or if you can, join us on our Facebook page as I do a LIVE each morning at 10am NZ time and 9pm UK time, I will be talking through how to use this simple tool over the next few days.

For those of you with little ones at home then our Kids Coach is also doing LIVES each day on top tips for home schooling and what to do with little ones during lockdown. Bec won Kent teacher of the year and works with families online.