Why becoming an NLP Coach changed my life

07 Feb 2018

     Our wonderful Coach Charlotte Pridmore gives us an exclusive insight into her mission to find her true calling and how becoming an NLP Coach with Your Life Live It has changed her life.  



 It’s taken me almost 40 years to find my true passion. I spent my 20’s jumping from great job to some not so great jobs, all involving people and all challenging in their own way but I just never found anything that I would have called my passion. At 30 my life was turned upside down, I left my partner of almost 10 years, my house, my job and moved back to my home town with my 6-month old little boy. I started again, retrained as a hairdresser, got a job in a good salon and that’s when I had what can only be described as a quarter life crisis! 

I had such big dreams “This can’t be it” it was around this time I was introduced to an incredible business. I said NO! Why? Because my belief in myself was on the floor and the limiting beliefs of my past hung very heavily around my neck. “I can’t build a business” “I’m not good enough” “I’m not clever enough” “I’m not organised enough” the list goes on. Luckily the lady that showed me the business saw something in me and thought enough of me to ask me again. My gut said ‘YES’ and so my journey into entrepreneurship started. Ignorance on fire I think they call it!! I had no clue what I was doing but it felt amazing! I loved it! 

I had always been interested in people, why we behave, think, feel the way we do. I had wanted to do a psychology degree but I didn’t think I was clever enough so I didn’t. My business really introduced me to the world of personal development and I was hooked! My normal TV schedule got swapped for reading books, listening to audio’s and watching TED Talks. 

One of my main roles in my business is to coach and mentor the people in my team, to show them how to achieve what I have achieved, it’s a ‘show’ business not a ‘tell’ business. This was where I came into my own, I love to help people see their life from a different view point, to show them what’s possible for them. Although this was my favourite part of the business it was also the most frustrating part. After earning the title “Queen of the pep-talk’ I knew I could make someone feel better, but how long did it last? A day? A few hours? I wanted to be able to create lasting change in someone so they didn’t have to struggle like I had in the past. Coaching is my passion I genuinely feel it is what I was born to do so I ventured into the world of coaching, signed up to a programme but 6 weeks in I realised it wasn’t what I was looking for, I wanted to learn how to be an incredible coach, not how to market myself as one…to me that came later. I wanted experience, credibility and the actual skills needed to create effective and lasting change. I was introduced to ‘Your Life Live It’ by a very good friend. I think life happens for you not to you. If the programme had gone well I wouldn’t be where I am today. I left that enrolled on the intense ‘Ultimate Coach” course and my world was changed! This may sound a bit dramatic but it’s just the truth! 

In 7 days I learnt more about the mind and myself than I ever thought possible, I was lucky enough on the course to be chosen for a ‘Belief Change’ (the course is very practical and I volunteered to take part in a demonstration), in 30 mins my life changed and I knew from that moment on that this was the best career decision I had ever made and that I had found the best way to help my team and now my coaching clients. I think having the ability to change how someone see’s themselves and the world around them is a gift and one that I will share passionately for the rest of my life!

 Amanda and Sarah are two of the kindest, inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They have been so supportive and been there every step of the way as I hit the ground running with my coaching practice. I have had my hand held every step of the way and their faith in me has had then most amazing effect on me and my ability to help others! 

Having now worked with many clients I don’t know how anyone would do it effectively without the support that the ‘Your Life, Live It’ team offer. Their experience and guidance is priceless. I couldn’t be happier or prouder to be a coach with ‘Your Life, Live it’ I have finally found me passion! 

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