3 Reasons Why 80% of New Year Resolutions fail & How to Fix Them

25 Jan 2018

Every year we fall prey to the same old tradition, new years resolutions. Be honest, when was the last time a new years resolution became real and stood the test of time? We are all fired up, come New Years day, it's all gonna change and then it just kinda gets lost, we turn around in February and everything is the same.

The truth is that bringing what you want in your life can happen any day with the right tools and a few gems of knowledge, here's 3 reasons why they fail and what to do about it. Plus we are inviting your to join our 5 day challenge where we will personally coach you through your goals and make them real. 

1. Kidding yourself.

You have set your goal and come the 1st of January you are going to start to make it happen, but everything needs to be spot on, so you start to gather information, the right running shoes, the best app, the correct business plan. Conditions need to be perfect before you can start to make things happen. Some might call it perfectionism but don't be fooled, it is really procrastination in disguise.

What to do about it.

Accept that you have fallen into the trap of kidding yourself into taking action, when really you are faffing about and look at what you can do now, with what you have. Ask yourself " What can I do right now that will take me closer to my goal?" And take action, do it.

2. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Making goals too big and getting fed up because things are not happening at the rate you planned is a sure way of throwing the towel in. Nobody says right, I'm going to run a marathon next week, train everyday and I should be good to go, no, it takes time, baby steps at first and building on what you have each day.

What to do about it.

Create and plan that has those baby steps each day, monitor your feedback and take the pressure off having to spend heaps of time on your goal, this is unrealistic and will soon become a chore rather than a feel good, tick by tick I am getting there. In our 5 Day challenge, we have this very tool for you and we take you through how to use it, this is the Award winner, out 1600 solutions this was chosen as the best, it's simple and that's why.

3. Be Specific on what your goal is.

When we work with clients, we notice that all goals are talked about in a 'one day' kinda way, one day I'm going to ......... sadly this is never going to work. we use tools to help our clients get clear on what they want, then communicate this so the brain gets it. This is your most powerful goal getting device. It's like trying to find an address in the UK with google maps and popping Kent into the search, it's never going to take you where you want to go.

What to do about it.

You have to get clear and get your brain onside, most people might use SMART goal setting, which is; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relative, Time frame...BORING as dish water, dull as a chicken, this is just such a dusty, old model. When getting down and dirty with your goal, you need to bring it to life, not strangle the life out of it. Get creative, feel what it is like to have it now, be it now. We can hold your hand and help you do just that with an awesome tool that speaks your brains lingo and will get you so frickin excited you will be salivating. Join us for the 5 day challenge and get your s#1t together, let's make 2018 rock.

We are opening our toolbox to show you exactly how to make your goals become real.

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