Then your in the right place. Im Amanda and NLP has been a passion of mine of the last four years. Helping me through self development in ways I didn’t know were ever possible.

I found the love of my life by removing beliefs I had about myself, I changed career and moved country by dropping powerful goals and even changed the way I see and hear myself by installing positive self talk.


If I could give you a magic wand to change something about yourself or your situation what would it be………………?

These tools work as my magic wand, deleting negative behaviour and installing something so profound it will change your life.

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Limiting Belief Change........ NLP Session

I am not second guessing myself as much and procrastinating with my work. I am confident in organising things and creating content. I even downloaded a new app & sometimes I would stall thinking "oh god I won't be able to learn how to use this." 

Although I did it and it was huge success with my team. So really pleased.

Anxiety........ Sound Healing Session

I have suffered from anxiety for years.  I have tried many methods to handle it.  Some has been successful but it would always come back,  I was recommend "Kaleidoscopic Gong Bath" with light and sound healing.  This was my first gong bath and didn't know much about it.  Amanda gave me an introduction for how the session would work. During the gong I could feel my anxiety lifting out of me, a feeling I had never felt before.

The sounds I could feel vibrating through me felt like it was realising energy from me which I was holding onto.  Since my first gong bath I haven't felt any anxiety and have started a spiritual journey of self discovery which I never knew I would go on.  Every gong bath I learn more how to relax and organise my thoughts. 

I could not recommend this enough to anyone suffering with anxiety like I did.  Amanda guides you through it all and I will keep going back to her. I enjoy every minute. 

Im too controlling....... NLP Session

I found her approach toward dealing with delicate subjects very calming and reassuring.   I could not quite get to the bottom of what was holding me back and together we worked it out.   After 1 session I had an instant relief on how i thought i had to be.

I had to organise an event recently that usually would have provoked certain feelings of stress and worry, that i realised it was not there and I was so relaxed and at ease.

Limiting Belief........... NLP Session

I really believed I could not have my own business.   A limiting belief that I have had for over 10 years! 

Within 48 hours of my session with Amanda, I had already taken the important steps to launch the business.  Believe it or not, its true it was really is a kinda magic!!!!!

Sort out my thinking.........NLP Session

After completing my first session with Mandy I felt as though more of my stars were aligned.  We discussed some of my issues before the session which were highlighted during our time.  

It was nice to get an understanding of why we think the way we think and more importantly that there is a way to organise our thoughts.  I felt so comfortable during our session and I experienced level of trust unlike any other.  I cannot wait to book in more sessions with Mandy, my advise is to get in touch before all her time is gone.


Sessions can be from your home or on Skype. 

Questions will be sent via email for you to complete prior to your session.

A Skype session will be around 60 minutes in total. 

Skype session 60 minute: £145

Person to person session on request.