Hi, I'm Charlotte Pridmore. I am a wife to Mark and mother of two gorgeous boys. Dylan 10 and William 4. 

I developed a life-altering passion for personal development in my 20's. This was taken more seriously into my 30's when I started my business and watching TV was replaced with reading books, watching TED talks and listening to audios, I went to seminars and events and anything I could do to develop a better understanding of how and why we behave the way we do. Not just for my own benefit but for my team. I loved the fact I got to help other people with their fear's, limiting beliefs, confidence and most of all getting to grips with who they are and who they have to BECOME to achieve their dreams. But no matter how much I coached them the change would never last and soon they would be back operating from that past limiting belief. Then I was introduced to NLP and Time Line therapy and I knew I had been given the key to permanent change. Having experienced then tools first hand I know how powerful they are and I consider it an honour to be part of someone's  journey to success. I love my business and I LOVE coaching people to success (whatever that means to them) 
I believe with my whole heart that everyone has the right to live a full life, full of love, success, balance and great relationships.
You CAN have a great business,  great relationships and be an AWESOME parent! 
You just need the tools to know how and someone in your corner that believes in you 100%!


Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

Certified NLP Coach

Certified Practitioner of NLP 

Board Approved Coach 


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Working with Charlotte was fun and painless. No dredging through painful negative backstories, no BS excuse-time… just an eye-opening look into the power of having a straightforward understanding of how our subconscious mind works. Through her guidance and some easy exercises, she performed a magic surgery on my limiting belief and got rid of it just like that. I immediately felt happier than I’d felt in a long time, without even trying. Since then life has just felt easier. I’ve had more momentum with some crazy breakthroughs in my business, finances and personal life. I’m so happy I decided to work with her – such a game changer and an absolute gem. Thanks, Charlotte.

Sarah Mac - Copywriter, Business Coach for creative coaches and Healers.

Anxiety doesn’t get a title anymore....
Recently I felt the need to do something about my anxiety levels, as it was starting to consume my life. And the sad thing was I was letting it. I booked a session with Charlotte to help me manage the anxiety, I had no idea how she would do it but prayed she could. Charlotte is professional, yet warming and genuinely wants to help you experience change. I realised I had started to procrastinate daily... but blamed anxiety, which blamed procrastinating. I knew what I wanted to do. But I could never find the energy to get there. With a simple anchoring technique, Charlotte was able to take me through each emotion and to a state of pure relief actually. I would highly recommend Charlotte to organise a session, I am aware she also does sessions via Skype. I can’t say Thanks enough Charlotte honestly.

Elizabeth Regan 

I've been working alongside Charlotte for 4 years. She was a huge part of my journey through her coaching not only in mindset but strategy, marketing, networking and relationship building. I've not only found her an inspiration as a coach and entrepreneur but a compassionate, empathetic & motivated individual who always puts others needs & requirements before her own. This gave me full trust in her & as I implemented lots of my learnings my business' have soared. Couldn't recommend her highly enough. 
Emma Cooper - Multiple 6 figure income Female Entrepreneur 

I grew up amongst a very confident and outgoing family and friends circle so you would think I’d have grown up confident myself but in fact, it had the opposite effect. I would find myself shying away from certain conversations with people not believing I had anything interesting to say. 
  Without realising how much of an effect it would have on me, when I did engage in a conversation my family and friends would make jokes like “oh Claire made a funny, that doesn’t happen often” or they would shoot down my opinion on things as I wasn’t confident enough to stand up for it. This left me with a feeling of not being good enough.
  After just 2 sessions with Charlotte, I’ve managed to completely rid myself of those blocks and I’ve found myself not only joining in with conversations I would usually avoid but actually initiating them also! My confidence has grown immensely and I no longer believe that what I have to say is not clever or witty enough! In fact, I have found the words have come out of me before I’ve even realised it!
  Mainly I have come to believe that I AM GOOD ENOUGH and I have the confidence to achieve anything I want to achieve 💗

Claire Fairhurst


Appointments Tuesday to Thursday 9.30am to 2.30pm 

Appointments can be online or in person and will be 60-90 mins.

Evenings Monday - Thursday available on request.

£150 per hour (3 sessions will be diarised but may not be needed)

I also offer a 4-week programme that includes 3 powerful NLP sessions and a 60-minute goal setting session, this is ideal for the person that want's more sustained 121 support and mentoring. You also get ongoing facebook support and a follow-up session. For more information on this and to see if we are a fit for each other book your FREE 20-minute discovery call now. http://bit.ly/CharlottePridmor...