Hey, I am Claire Lou Robinson, NLP Coach, NLP & Timeline Practitioner and Self Love Life Coach helping you LOVE the one body you have from the inside out. 

I've lived such a happy positive life for the last 14 years practising NLP in my own life, I'm passionate about empowering others to take control and see the magic happen in their own life!

Gut health is also huge passion of mine, your gut is your second brain, if it doesn't function properly, you won't function properly. 

I coach people through a 30 day reset programme where we remove all allergenic food, add in safe plant-based supplements to help you operate at optimum health. 

This is a lifestyle programme that aims to re-balance hormones, flush through the toxic load, improves weight, sleep, skin, energy, vitality and so much more.

My MISSION is to help millions of people all over the world take responsibility and live a happy, healthy life they LOVE!

With Gratitude And Love

Claire Lou Robinson


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I had heard of NLP before but never really considered it was something I needed. It was only when Claire directed me to her website where it mentioned limiting beliefs that I thought it might be useful.

Being the youngest child of three by many years and the only daughter, I had certainly accumulated a few of those!

Since having my first NLP session with Claire I have felt more confident and less worried about the Big Goal I have set myself for next summer.

Going back to a time in my childhood that made a big impression on me, looking at it with fresh eyes, understanding how it made an impact on me and finally removing any guilt associated with it was a new and liberating experience.

Looking forward to my Big Goal and imagining it in a clearer light than ever before made the prospect of achieving it more exciting.
Thinking about it in the two days since my session I have only looked on it with joy instead of the usual accompanying fear.

Checking the countdown app as the date of my Big Goal approaches does not carry the same worry it used to.
I have also felt more focused on the work involved in reaching my Big Goal and more confident in trying new things out of my comfort zone.
While I have previously tried brief meditation sessions I was doing so without a focus. Now I will incorporate looking forward to my Goal with the same excitement and desire as I did during my NLP session.

With Claire’s help I finally understand that I am ready and able to build my own business. I am not going to let any limiting beliefs I may have had stop my from achieving my goal!

C Tuckwell


Claire Lou Robinson works Internationally and is based in Newcastle so appointments can be booked online or in person.

Allow 60 minutes for each session, there will be some questions to answer via email and a contract to sign before we kick off the sessions.

Price include email support throughout your time with Claire, follow ups, calls to action and sign off to a new empowered life!

NLP change work is FAST so you will only need between one and three sessions.

What is your investment?

One hour Session - online or in person          £150