Hi – I’m Denise, NLP Coach & Practitioner and Time Line™ Therapy Practitioner with Your Life Live It. I am passionate about helping people who want to make transformational life change, fast.

With a 20 year career in the NHS (Registered General Nurse/Registered Midwife) and a 13 year career teaching in Secondary Education, I believe my life’s work has been to journey alongside others in an enabling role. Having personally taken a life-changing step outside of the mainstream health and education systems, I am now dedicated to helping others to be empowered to make real and lasting change in their own lives.

I am married, mother to 3 young adults and now have an adorable Grandson, too. My other big passion is singing and I have had so many wonderful experiences, particularly with Community Choirs and Singing groups, and this has been a great source of strength and renewal throughout my life.

Over time, I have observed that many of us find ourselves allowing our lives to be defined by what we perceive others expect of us, often to the detriment of our own health and wellbeing.

For many people, the roles taken on in life, as spouse, parent, co-worker, care-giver, etc. means we “lose ourselves” in the doing of being busy but live less effectively as a result. Sometimes we just never seem to find the time to be who we want to be.

For some, the events and traumas faced in life can become so distorted that we focus on the past and forget to plan for a hopeful future.

The pressure to succeed and do well at school, university and in our careers can lead to feeling stressed and anxious, which in turn can prevent us from setting meaningful goals that would enable us to reach our true potential

* Do you feel stuck?

* Do you generally put the needs of others before yourself?

* Do you have past hurt that remains unhealed?

* Do you want to set exciting goals and follow your dreams, but worry that you won’t be good enough?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in exactly the right place to take the first steps towards gaining clarity, taking action and making CHANGE.

I can personally testify that NLP and Time Line Therapy can move you straight to the solution to make transformational life change, fast.  

You just have to take that first step…


Certified NLP Coach

Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner

BSc (Hon) Midwifery Sciences

Post Graduate Certificate in Education 


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Denise is so authentic and has a clear heartfelt desire to help people. I felt such a deep connection very quickly and the process that she supported me with was so moving and powerful. She understood what I needed to work with and skilfully helped me to make the changes I needed. Thank you  🙏 

Tammy xx

Firstly thank you , our time together allowed me to delete my belief that I was not equal on an intelligence level , I now realise I am equal and have a huge amount of emotional intelligence to bring to the the party and can add value to discussions and meetings .

I want to thank you again for enabling me to facilitate this change in my belief .



Denise is currently based in North East England, United Kingdom and is available for face-to-face sessions and internationally via video call.

Please allow 90 min for your first consultation and 60 min for any follow up sessions.  However, all online sessions are 60 min.

Prior to your appointment date, Denise will send out questions for you to complete, along with a contract for you both to agree to; this way both the client and coach have 100% piece of mind of what to expect in the session. 

What is your investment? 

Initial (Face-to-face)  90 min:                               £150 

Initial (Online call) 60 min:                                      £150

All 60 min follow-up (Face-to-face/Online) :  £100