Glynn is an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapy Practitioner available in the UK, Germany, New Zealand, Thailand and on Skype.

Glynn qualified in April 2011 and has been working with private clients and coaching professionals within the BBC, Bloomberg, Channel 4 and other media organisations. Glynn's background is as a media professional with a broad television career spanning 20 years. He has worked predominantly in International roles for Universal Studios Networks (Worldwide Creative Manager) and NBC (Creative Director) launching and branding TV channels globally.

Glynn's interest in coaching and mentoring began many years ago as he has consistently mentored young people all through his career, particularly those from a disadvantaged backgrounds. He set up and ran the BBC’s first ever Mentoring & Volunteering Staff Scheme. He worked in Development for the trade charity of the UK film and TV industry: The Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund, where he created a media support scheme for disadvantaged young people. He headed up Channel 4's renowned 4Talent department, which mentors young people into careers in the UK media industry.

NLP has been a natural progression for Glynn, who believes in results-based work:

"What appeals to me most about NLP is how directly focused the practice is on real goals and practical outcomes. I'm fascinated in how this relatively new form of coaching relates to more traditional forms of professional council. It doesn’t dwell in the past but works with the present moment, tapping into the limitless resources of the unconscious mind to make great changes happen.

For me, this is hugely exciting, and I never fail to get a buzz from seeing my clients make deep-seated changes in just three sessions, particularly when they have been struggling for years in more traditional forms of therapy. What excites me most however is that they make this happen, because I'm just the facilitator – that’s the power of NLP".

In 2011 Glynn was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters Phd by St Johns University, York for his "outstanding contribution to the UK media industry over a 20 year career".

Glynn's Other Life

Glynn has produced a number of short films alongside his media career. He is an avid property developer and has just completed renovating his fifth project, a warehouse by London's tower bridge. Glynn has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for five years.

Glynn's Mission

Glynn is passionate about positive change. Change is the only constant in today's world, and helping people to tap into their own power to make successful changes is why Glynn practices NLP. Although Glynn works with many media clients, his work is always focused on the individual and their ability to find their own personal resources to make the change they want to see in themselves.

Glynn's coaching practice is currently located in Berlin, Germany


Your Career and Life Coach

PhD D.Litt Hon (Doctorate of Letters)
MA Honors (Media & Communication)
NLP Practitioner
Timeline Therapy (R) Practitioner


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Mr G. Christian

"There’s no secret. The better your NLP facilitator, the better your results. Glynn Ryland must be one of the best. He was always calm, clear and exceptionally well prepared. He never hurried and gave incisive attention to the smallest detail. His skills gave me control of my life again. Thanks, Glynn."


Mr K. Malik

"I had two NLP sessions with Glynn for my fear of public speaking which was holding me back professionally. The change has been amazing, it is no longer something that fills me with anxiety, in fact as Glynn predicted I actually relish it and enjoy putting my new found confidence to the test. I will definitely be back for more sessions if I feel anything else may be holding me back. I thoroughly recommend Glynn's thoughtful and insightful treatment."


'Your Life Live It' abides by INLPTA, ICF, ICI, APROCEP, ABNLP and the New Zealand Association of NLP code of ethics, this means peace of mind with total confidentiality at all times.

Sessions are one-to-one either on skype or face-to-face. Your initial session will be around 90 minutes, which allows for a productive start with beneficial outcomes from the very first meeting. Any subsequent sessions are around 60 minutes. NLP is so outcome driven, therefore the majority of issues can be dealt with in no more than three sessions.

Prior to your first session, Glynn will email you a confidentiality agreement and a client history questionnaire, this ensures that you get the most from your time together.

Your investment:

90 minute session€120
60 minute session€100