Hello, and thank you for looking further to find out a little more about me.
Looking back, I am a professionally qualified teacher, with many years of experience in the education world.  From primary and early childhood, to ski kindy and the outdoor world, I have loved every minute.  I love learning, and I am happiest working alongside anyone of any age in any environment when we are exploring, sharing, building and growing together as our journeys overlap.  You will find my website at Education Interwoven, and may engage with the things that resonate with me on Facebook.
Looking forward, I am inspired by all I have learned about Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy, and feel privileged that this is where I also now work.  For me it is Soul Care, and the difference I see that it makes to people of any age defies description. 
You will find me using these techniques every day alongside children and their parents and teachers.  But I would love to use them to help you too.

Do please get in touch and allow me to learn a little more about you.  That small beginning?  You are on your way...
A little more about me:

I love life and making the most of every opportunity to explore it more.  I love people and I enjoy conversation and stories, especially over coffee.  I also value time spent by myself on occasions.  I love to read, losing myself in other people’s places and lives, real or imagined, and I play the guitar and flute.  I love places, languages and culture.  I read and speak French and Spanish and have worked in both France and Spain.  I have also begun to learn Te Reo Māori.  I enjoy travelling and tramping, especially to places slightly off the beaten track.  I also love being a part of the church world and finding those connections wherever I go.
I immigrated to New Zealand with my husband and son at the end of 2008 to fulfil our dream of a life that is less about competition and the fast lane, and more about what is important to us as a family. We chose Queenstown because of our love for the mountains and our favourite family activity of skiing.  Time is a commodity we don’t always think about and yet its finiteness makes it of infinite value.  Living my dream already, I will take plenty of time to enjoy it to the full. 

What’s your dream? 

“We are such stuff as dreams are made of…” Shakespeare


Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

Certified NLP Coach

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood), with distinction

Bachelor of Philosophy of Education, with honours

Bachelor of Education, with honours


All Coaches abide by the Code and Ethics of these Boards

about us image American Board of NLP

about us image American Board of Hypnotherapy

about us image American Board of Time Line Therapy


Working with Elaine was an absolute pleasure, she is so natural and real you instantly trust you are in safe hands.

She has a beautiful mix of warmth, kindness and intelligence that makes you feel seen, heard and completely understood.

Her gentle strength and integrity provides confidence where openness, learning and growth is not only comfortable, but enjoyable.

Elaine is a truly gifted coach who genuinely cares about you and your best possible outcome.

Sharron; New Zealand

Elaine was such an incredible mentor when I did my New Zealand teacher registration.  She was encouraging, patient and enthusiastic, and helped me see things in a different light.  Truly passionate about education, Elaine has a love for meeting new people, visiting new places and learning herself.  This is what makes working with her so interesting and enjoyable.  I would highly recommend working with Elaine; you will gain a friend in the process.

Bethan; United Kingdom

I just wanted to check in and let you know that I had such a great day yesterday.  I didn't feel that building up of tension / anxiety that I usually get.  I felt calm and in control.

Renee; New Zealand

I have been feeling very good and very, very, very free.  And it impressed me because there's so much going on  but I'm still good.  I'm so grateful really, I hope you are doing alright and hope to see you soon. Love you.

Olivia; New Zealand


I will be able to see you online or face-to-face here in beautiful Arrowtown.

Sessions are usually 60 minutes long.

Online or face-to-face sessions:  NZ$150 p/h

Please get in touch, and we can talk further, perhaps over a coffee - it costs nothing to see whether we are right for each other.  

Then, if you wish to go further, I will send you a contract and some simple questions to complete prior to our first session.  This will ensure that we are both prepared and able to use our time together efficiently and effectively; our first step towards peace and freedom - peace of mind.