Elizabeth is a certified NLP Coach & Practitioner,  and Time Line™ Therapy Practitioner.  Reigning from Ireland, She is currently based in Cambodia.  

Elizabeth has over 10 years experience in the Wellness Industry worldwide, and strives to make positive change to business management and incremental performance, whilst developing and progressing multi-national teams.   Throughout this time, She has been coaching and mentoring team members, supervisors and managers within the industry worldwide in various aspects of personal development from career progression, interview skills, communication skills, presentation skills, financial acumen, selling with integrity for retail and treatment sales. 

Elizabeth was introduced to NLP and Time Line™ Therapy 5 years ago during her boxing career whilst preparing for New Zealand Nationals.  The tools and resources which Elizabeth absorbed across this time whilst working with Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland, enabled her to achieve a Silver medal at NZ Nationals in 2013 through her ultimate belief change.  Since then she has applied these processes in business, whilst travelling the world launching new concepts, designs and developing impressive dynamic teams. 

Hey, I’m Elli and currently based in Asia. I have had such profound and life changing results from NLP and Time Line™ Therapy  both personally and in my career across the last 5 years, that I am fully committed to assisting you achieve your highest positive outcome.  If your ready for some neuro-landscaping, its time to take the step and call in the
gardeners to assist with some change!  Even if it is a tip toe step, we can take that step together to create a magical change.


Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
Certified NLP Coach
Certified Practitioner of NLP 
Board Approved Coach 

BSc Geography

Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management


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"I have silently struggled with the relationship with my son for a while now. As he grew older we seemed to be clashing more and more and I hated feeling like an inadequate mother. I had told myself too many times that it was just a personality clash but it couldn't go on. I came across Elizabeth on this website and made the brave step to rid myself of this angst once and for all. And I am so pleased that I did. Elizabeth worked with me on a phenomenal process that allowed me to understand the reason behind my behavior and feelings towards my son, and suddenly everything made complete sense. Elizabeth was so gentle and caring during the session, despite my tears, she made me feel completely at ease. I came out of the session feeling lighter, happier, and like I couldn't wait to see him as the new me. Since the session I have felt so much calmer and I have an understanding that i never had before which allows me to take a step back and deal with things in a much less confrontational way. From here, we have grown closer and closer and I just cannot thank Elizabeth enough. From just one session she made such an impact. I just wish I had done it sooner. Elizabeth, thank you, thank you, thank you."


Elizabeth offers consultations via Skype and also in person, locality dependent.  

She is currently based in Kep, South Cambodia where she is available for sessions in person.  Please allow 90 minutes for your first consultation and 60 minutes for any followup sessions thereafter.  

Elizabeth is available via Skype on an international scale.  Please allow 60 minutes for all Skype sessions.

Prior to your appointment date, Elizabeth will send out some questions to complete before your first session with her.  This will allow you to prepare for your consultation and also for Elizabeth's preparation to assist you in benefiting 100% from the session.  

Your investment is only: 

90 Minute Session                      USD150
60 Minute Session                      USD125
Skype Sessions                           USD125

If you are in a resident of Cambodia, please contact Elizabeth directly for local pricing.