I have been in the health industry for 18 years and am passionate about guiding women to understand their unique bodies, and take charge of their own health.

I use a blend of Functional Medicine, NLP, Integrative Nutrition and my background as a Pharmacist to approach health in a unique way. 

I know that the real secret to health and being healthy is about SO much more than the conventional model of health. My approach looks at the physical, mental and emotional bodies of my client,  to search for the underlying cause of disease.

Using this approach to health, I have helped a tribe of women develop a deeper understanding of their bodies and uncover the secret to radiant and blissful health.

I'd love to help you uncover the secret too!

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Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness.


Functional Medicine searches for the root cause of disease, focusing not only on the physical symptoms, but also addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual areas of a person's life. Finding balance in all of these areas is critical to finding true health. 

NLP helps to address the root cause of disease by addressing emotions, beliefs and behaviours that may be holding a person back. and inadvertently contributing to dis-ease in the body. 

Our thoughts and our beliefs can have a huge impact on our nervous system and our physical body, so using NLP in conjunction with a Functional Medicine approach addresses disease from all angles.


Certified NLP 

Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


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I approached Emma at a time when I was disillusioned by all the health messages out there. I was stuck in a repetitious cycle of calorie counting, I was struggling with asking for help and support when I needed it and I was desperately needing guidance around prioritising myself amongst a busy life with three small children. 

Her modern, flexible and balanced approach helped teach me invaluable lifelong skills to enjoy a more well rounded life. 

She helps to empower you and keeps you accountable to achieve the outcomes you desire. 


I originally went to Emma as I wanted help to get my physical health on track - to beat the ongoing illnesses, to reduce my stress levels and improve my sleep.  Emma really opened my eyes to the health journey and taught me that optimal health is about health of the body and of the mind. 

I embraced the journey that she took me on and I have not felt this good in a long time. I have not been sick for over 12 months, my sleep has significantly improved and I've made some major life changes to ensure I'm working only the hours I want to work each week. I'm finally managing to be the mum and wife I want to be, whilst maintaining my career. I can't thank you enough Emma


When I started to work with Emma, the true ‘light bulb’ moments unfolded. Emma has this genuinely warm, honest and supportive approach as well as the unique ability to connect in a way that allows you to feel at ease and discover the answers within yourself. 



Emma is available for in-person consults in Brisbane or Byron Bay, Australia.

She also works Internationally with clients via Skype.

Emma’s first consultation is always for 90 minutes and any follow up sessions required will be 60 minutes, however via Skype all sessions are 60 minutes.

Emma will send out a Functional Medicine Analysis for you to complete before your first session, along with a contract for you both to agree to. This way both the client and the coach have 100% peace of mind of what to expect in the session.

Emma offers consultations both face to face and over Skype.

What is your investment? All include tax

Initial 90min$550 AUD
1 hour session$495 AUD
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