Lana's journey has led her through diverse opportunities to balance and build her self. Her enthusiasm and passion towards care and human connections has enabled her to develop a numerous skills including the following qualifications.

Registered Nurse - 2014
Post graduate in Critical Care Nursing - Intensive Care Medicine
Yoga teacher - multi style & Reiki level 2
Integrative Nutritional Health Coach
Independent Marriage & Civil Union Celebrant
Cosmetic Nurse
Neural Coder - NLP/TLT

Lana has nursed in many specialities - neurosurgery/trauma, ED, ICU, Oncology, Primary health and now as a Cosmetic Nurse.
Lana is well travelled and especially loves South East Asia. She loves exploring the benefits of both Western medicine and Eastern medicine which she draws professionally and personally.

Lana believes your dreams are limitless with the right mindset! She is now putting her mind to the ultimate test and is training for a bodybuilding competition. She feels Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy is a powerful resource that will be an asset when she hits the stage!

Lana wants you to give yourself permission to put yourself FIRST!! Her mission in life is to empower, educate and promote health. She believes each person is a bioindividual and what works for one person may not suit another. This makes her personalize all aspects of health and wellness to the individual. Lana uses approaches for both conscious and unconscious mind and has her own integrative nutrition health coaching business, “Centre You.”

Get out of your own way - we use NLP/TLT to reprogramme your mind, release thoughts, feelings and emotions that limit you from getting what you want from your life.

Lana wants to help you BE YOU, by releasing what holds you back.. You realise what will take you forward!!


  • Certified NLP Practitioner 
  • Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner®
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Integrative Nutritional Health Coach 
  • Critical Care Registered Nurse


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Online Neural Coding® Session$150 NZD
 Live Neural Coding® Session $150 NZD