After starting her own digital marketing agency Hooked On Marketing back in 2013, Louise discovered that while all the tactics and the strategies in the world do help, a huge part of being a successful entrepreneur is mindset! Particularly around marketing, where in today's online world, we're required to put ourselves out there in a whole new way in order to make an impact. 

Limiting beliefs that we're not even aware of at a conscious level can be holding us back, and if there's one arena that you don't want to be held back, it's in business. 

Louise can help with: 

•  Identifying limiting beliefs that you may not even realise are holding you back. 

•  Shedding these limiting beliefs so that you have the confidence to put yourself out there. 

•  How to find balance between your entrepreneurial and personal life.

•  Goal setting in business and marketing. 

•  How to become more decisive and confident in your own decisions to help your business move forward faster. 

•  Getting rid of the bloat and start focusing on what's really going to have an impact in your day to day marketing. 

Louise is a certified NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner, and has experience in the high-pressure environment of tech startups, creating your own business, balancing the stress of business with a thriving personal life, managing your energy and fatigue, and how to balance entrepreneurship with parenthood. 

She also has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Marketing) with Distinction from the University of Otago. 


  •  NLP Practitioner
  •  Time Line Therapy Practitioner
  •  NLP Coach
  •  Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) 
  •  Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Marketing) with Distinction


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Coaching sessions: While Louise is based in New Zealand, she is able to work with international clients in any location, and all coaching sessions are via online conferencing tool Zoom. 

Your first consultation with Louise will be for 60 minutes, with any follow up sessions also being for 60 minutes. Due to a strong focus on results, in most situations only 3 sessions are required. 

Louise will send out some questions for you to complete before your first session with her, along with a contract for you both to agree to, this way both the client and the coach have 100% piece of mind of what to expect in the session.

What your investment will cost : 

One hour session - $250 (USD) including tax.