Rebecca has over 18 years experience working with children and parents as a teacher. In recent years she has followed her passion for developing wellbeing in children and subsequently works weekly with children and parents on issues such as anger, anxiety and grief. 

This year she won an award for Teacher of the Year for her work in helping several children through their difficult journey of grief. 

After training as an NLP practitioner and a Timeline Therapist she has been thrilled by the impact these tools can bring. Rebecca also specialises in helping couples to feel relaxed and positive during their pregnancy. 

She helps them to develop a calm and controlled mindset leading up to, and during their birth, particularly in situations where previous trauma has been experienced.  

Although Rebecca specialises in working with children and parents, she has thrived off extending her practice to help adults to bring change and clarity, allowing them to live fuller, richer and happier lives. 


Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
Certified NLP Coach
Certified Practitioner of NLP 
Board Approved Coach 


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Working with children

"My 11 year old son seemed to have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and the behaviour to reflect this. It was hard to get him engaged in any activities as he always doubted himself. After just 4 sessions with Bec, he is now so positive, carefree and truly able to express himself. He has a newfound confidence and is now able to interact in a much more positive way with his peers, his teachers and his parents. And the biggest of all, he now believes in himself and has goals, dreams and aspirations that he verbalises everyday and is building habits to work towards them. It's very cool to see this transformation unfold, and I wholeheartedly recommend working with Bec to achieve this outcome." 

Louise. NZ.

Limiting Beliefs

"When I decided to get rid of my limiting belief, I knew straightaway that Bec was the right person for me. She has gentleness about her that I felt was what I needed for dealing with something so personal, something that had been engrained throughout my life. I was ready to be done with my limiting belief once and for all! And my goodness, that happened with just one session! 

Bec put me at ease straightaway, she has a knack for that! She was very clear and focused with the technique she used. I felt she balanced it with listening and confirming the change I wanted. I felt she had really understood it’s importance to me and she was incredibly patient when my tears got the better of me. I felt safe and in good hands so I was determined to commit fully to the change work. I’m absolutely pleased that I did! 

By the end of our session I desperately tried to recall the way my limiting belief would present itself and I couldn’t. All I could think about was my new empowering belief, which was loud and clear. I felt relief, like a weight had been removed and I truly wondered why I even believed the limiting belief I had in the first place! Bec truly helped me transform what had been a huge block in my life. 

As the weeks followed I noticed myself being bolder, confident and making decisions for my good and progress, that I would normally have hesitated around or not done at all. I've noticed my family are more receptive to me because I feel so at ease and in tune with myself. I’ve noticed a change in how I communicate with people, I’m a lot more relaxed and it feels easier. The motivation I feel for things I want to achieve used to carry an overcast of doubt, but I don’t feel that anymore. Anything I feel I’m uncertain about I explore with curiosity and firm belief I can achieve it, that’s a completely new feeling for me. 

Checking-in with Bec following our session was lovely and it affirmed all the changes that I’d hoped for and more. I feel like my new empowering belief grows stronger each week and I’m excited with a completely open mind to see where it takes me. Thank you so much Bec for giving me this gift and for being such a warm and wonderful soul!"

Lizzie. UK.

Life changing experience...

"I recently had 2 sessions with Rebecca whilst I was in the UK. I have been debating with myself for a long time about which path to take next in life, accompanied with lack of self belief. Rebecca was natural and genuine, and honestly made it easy and effortless fro me to allow myself to make this belief change. We also anchored positive states over my negative state... which was super cool and shockingly had immediate results. 

Within two days of my appointment I already saw positive outcomes. I would highly recommend Rebecca, as her warming personality and caring demeanour, is what wanted me to book my change session with her. The result has actually been life changing. Thank you so much Rebecca!"

Ellie. UK

Is your child being bullied, I can help.


Rebecca can run sessions from her cosy office in Mid Kent and on Skype. She will send out questions via email for you to complete prior to your session with her. 

For the first face to face session you will need to allow 90 minutes, and 60 minutes for any subsequent sessions. A Skype session will be around 60 minutes in total. 

60 minute session costs £150

90 minutes session costs £200