Bec has over 20 years experience working with children and parents as a teacher. In recent years she has followed her passion for developing wellbeing in children and subsequently works with children and parents on issues such as anger, anxiety and grief. With anxiety on the increase, and waiting lists getting longer for referred children, Bec decided to leave teaching. She now dedicates her time to helping children and parents to have happily family relationships and a calmer, more positive approach at school. 

This year she won an award for Teacher of the Year for her work in helping several children through difficult life journeys.   

After training as an NLP practitioner and a Timeline Therapist she has been thrilled by the impact these tools can bring. 

Although Bec specialises in working with children, as a consequence of this she has also worked with many adults. She has enabled them to make the changes they need to free them of their parental insecurities, allowing them to have confidence and positivity in parenting. 


Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
Certified NLP Coach
Certified Practitioner of NLP 
Board Approved Coach 


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Working with children

"My 11 year old son seemed to have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and the behaviour to reflect this. It was hard to get him engaged in any activities as he always doubted himself. After just 4 sessions with Bec, he is now so positive, carefree and truly able to express himself. He has a newfound confidence and is now able to interact in a much more positive way with his peers, his teachers and his parents. And the biggest of all, he now believes in himself and has goals, dreams and aspirations that he verbalises everyday and is building habits to work towards them. It's very cool to see this transformation unfold, and I wholeheartedly recommend working with Bec to achieve this outcome." 

Louise. NZ.

From Anger to Control

I have seen a big change in my behaviour because  the rest of the week that I was at school for was very good behaviour wise. My mum has seen an improvement which is one of the things that I first wanted ( for people to trust me ) I also feel like I can trust myself a lot more now, and I hope to go to school and start it off well after half-term.

Jake . UK.

Releasing Negative Emotions

Bec has been amazing in transforming my son. The NLP programme that Bec promotes has encouraged positive behaviour at home and school and lifted any negative emotions and feelings some children experience. I honestly can't thank her enough for the wonderful, almost instant transformation. Anyone who is thinking of trying this must, to believe how incredible it really is. Thank you x x 

Is your child being bullied? If so,  I can help.


Bec can run sessions from her cosy office in Mid Kent as well as vis Skype. She will send out questions via email for you to complete prior to your session with her. 

As a mum of three, Bec understands that things can be tight when you have a family. Committed to supporting children to feel happier, she has a reduced rate for children under 16 years of age. 

For the first face to face session you will need to allow 90 minutes, and 60 minutes for any subsequent sessions. A Skype session will be around 60 minutes in total. 

60 minute session costs £150

90 minutes session costs £200

60 minute subsidised fee for children £130