Sarah’s varied and interesting career started in banking and then led her into HR and learning and
development roles in corporates, small businesses and government organisations. She’s been
employed and self-employed and has most recently been running her own successful
accommodation business with her husband John, alongside being Chair of the Fiordland Community

Familiar with leadership, coaching and learning environments, she saw an opportunity to shift away
from the tourism world. Now, taking the step towards living her own life with more fun, freedom
and flexibility, her purpose is to positively help others to enrich their lives and reach their fullest
potential whatever that might be.

She has lived in a number of different countries and places and is familiar with adapting to new
situations and surroundings.

She’s also experienced her fair share of challenges in life including separation/divorce, redundancy,
family illness and an abusive relationship. She firmly believes that building a healthy dose of
resilience gets you through these times and that everything happens for a reason.


  • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of NLP 
  • Board Approved Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy


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