Are you ready to shift from surviving to thriving being the best version of yourself you can be?

Sharron is based in Canterbury, New Zealand and is super passionate about empowering others. With over 20 years corporate experience in human development, Sharron has traveled internationally and worked with many different cultures, sharing skills, tools and resources and adding value to people’s lives both professionally and personally.

“I was first introduced to NLP in a business capacity while working for a large multinational company. I later sought NLP presentation skills training for my team of Trainers and Stage Artists, and myself as an International Master Trainer. This is where I met Amanda and became even more curious…

It was following the Christchurch earthquakes, that I decided to take action, invest and learn more. I was successfully managing a team in NZ as well as the international work, but my personal confidence had taken a bit of a hit in the environment of uncertainty and destruction that earthquakes bring. This decision became one of the most valuable I have ever made! An absolute game changer in every aspect my of life, hence my passion to share what I have learned to help others.”

My clients often come to me when they have been experiencing some or all of the following:

  • Feeling anxious and stressed, this has become really common since the earthquakes
  • Overwhelmed and struggling to find balance in work and personal life, exhausted and overstimulated by so many demands/deadlines
  • Feeling stuck or trapped in a workplace, career path or relationship which is toxic and effecting their health and happiness
  • Struggling with guilt over needing/wanting to work when they have children, and fear of failing as a parent
  • Frustrated by putting effort into setting goals or making change, only to find themselves slipping into old patterns and getting the same results
  • History of failed relationships either professionally or personally, sometimes both
  • Tired of being surrounded by drama, when all they want is peaceful existence and some joy and success in life

Sharron is a certified NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner and NLP Instructor and Coach. Complimentary to this she also has experience/capabilities including; working and training in different countries and cultures as an international master trainer, leading a successful company start up, education director across three companies, sales & education management and training, key account management, brand development, recruitment, career development, bespoke seminar writing & event management.

“Its now my time to give back and assist others in designing and living the life they have always wanted, fully and passionately.”


Certified NLP Instructor

Certified NLP Coach

Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Certified Master Hypnotherapist


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Sharron is very outcome driven and, in most situations, only 3 sessions are required

The first consultation is generally for 90 minutes, and following sessions are for one hour. 

Sharron will send you a contract and some simple questions to complete prior to the session; this ensures your outcomes a clear and measurable, and your time is used effectively and efficiently.

90 minute session $300 NZD
60 minute session $250 NZD

Skype/Zoom sessions are available and really effective.

Sharron’s practice is based in Oxford, North Canterbury. The consultation room is totally private in relaxed natural setting, just a 45-minute drive from Christchurch.

Payment plans are available on request.