I am delighted to be joining the Your Life Live It team as a multi-lingual (English, French and, one day, when the music turns into words, Japanese) Neural coder and TimeLine Therapy Practitioner. NLP is the study of excellence – one the highest goods we know. There are few things in our single, precious lives that are as worthy of pursuit than excellence in all we do. I am very excited to help as many people, especially boys and young men, as I can to pursue just this. A million thanks to Amanda and Sarah, without whose friendship and guidance I would have written neither this nor indeed many other things. And to my new colleagues,
Allons-y, mes amis!


Certified NLP Coach

Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner


about us image American Board of NLP

about us image American Board of Time Line Therapy


Shey charges the following

$250 x one consultation 
$699 x three consultations