You will know what this means, you are living it to the full, life is good, you are happy, focused and living on purpose. Congratulations, you are a passionate life living person. You most probably have done some work on yourself, be it reading, attending courses and maybe connecting with your own coach. Our mission is to help as many people as possible to live their life to the full. We know too well that life is short and everyday needs to be lived on purpose.

  • We can help you take it to the next level.
  • We can assist you in designing your future, on purpose with the tools to make it happen.

How can you live passionately?

Living passionately means having the confidence, self-assurance, and understanding of your own values to know what you want to attract into your life. It’s being able to walk into a room and feeling comfortable in your skin, if someone doesn’t like you or doesn’t like something you do, is it your problem or theirs? The answer providing you are clear on your values and who you are is always, theirs.

Life is too short to be anxious, frightened or shy, go and get what YOU want from life, grab it with both hands and LIVE! And this my friends is how we can help you. How ever this is where we remind you that you need to be bold, you need to be brave and remember we can help you so you can live your life passionately and on purpose without having to go through what we have gone through.

Sarah and I have in the last three years lost Sarah’s Mum in a shark attack, lost my husband to cancer, I have had cancer of the kidney and survived, we have been judged for falling in love and getting married. And yet you can have the tools without the lessons and having to learn the hard way. We were fortunate to have those tools in our lives when life threw us curve balls, and my god did they help us, without them I am not sure where we would be.

We have been able to live our lives on purpose, we have written our future and know where we are going. This is not some tree hugging, star gazing ritual, this is a scientific approach to how our neurology works and using the tools to allow us to tap into that, and now we share this with you. 

Many do think and say we are brave, yet what we believe to be true, is that our years of becoming masters using these tools have been the key in allowing us to move on, get married, move the business to Europe, buy our home, move countries, make new friends, loose people who are toxic, and feel what we need to feel, to heal and most importantly be happy and be ourselves.

And of course living bravely is always needed and greatly rewarded as will you be by joining us on this journey, so connect with your own coach or join us on our online course, “Just Be Me” where we take you though the tools to live passionately and on purpose without the hardships and curveballs to remind us to do just that.