Belief Change. The Family Journey Forum 2021

Belief Change: A Family Journey Forum 2021

Let go, be free, and unlock dyslexia

This event marks the launch of a fourth focus for Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand – the family. Following successful advocacy and action in education, youth justice, and the workplace, the family is the next arena for fostering paradigm change (mind-shift) in understanding and harnessing the strengths of dyslexia and neurodiversity.

The Forum will bring together dyslexic individuals, family members, teachers and  educationalists, solution and assessment solution providers. 

Through a series of keynote talks and presentations, the Forum will explore the reality of the family journey. With core beliefs formed in childhood, it is crucial that empowerment drives the family journey. 

Mindset is the key.  

Central to successful action is Belief Change. The Family Journey Forum unpacks this, looking at the belief systems, deleting the ones that do not serve and installing those that do.

The Forum will be opened by Children’s Commission Judge Andrew Becroft and features speakers including DFNZ Chair of Trustees Guy Pope-Mayell and educational psychologist Rose Blackett.

The centrepiece of the event is a dynamic presentation by international neural coding** experts Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland and fellow coach Sarah Foo-Ryland. An equal dose of entertainment and liberation.

Join us for this groundbreaking event, and the life-changing opportunity to let go, be free, and unlock the strengths of dyslexia. 

Belief Change. The Family Journey Forum 2021
Let go, be free, and unlock dyslexia
$$145NZD +GST
$$95NZD +GST*
20 January 2021

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Let go, be free, and unlock dyslexia

The agenda for the day 12.30 - 5.30pm

12.30 - 1.00pm

Millbrook Conference room opens, no allocated seating

1pm - 2.15pm 'Get Ready.'

Keynote presentations, and Q&A


Judge Andrew Becroft: Children's Commissioner

Guy Pope-Mayell: Chair of Trustees, Dyslexia Foundation of NZ

Rose Blackett: Educational Psychologist

International Guest (by video)

15 minute break

2:30pm - 4.45pm ‘Buckle your seat belt’ (includes 20-minute afternoon tea break)

Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland & Sarah Foo-Ryland:

The Family Journey looks at the belief systems, deletes the ones that do not serve us and installs those that do. Giving you and your child ownership, strength, empowerment and a willingness to take control, and feel complete.

4.45 - 5.30pm: Making Connections

Mix and mingle, strengthen connections and be part of a pioneering community. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available at cash bar for your purchase.

We look forward to seeing you there! Thank you!

Hosted by Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand:
Sponsored by Cookie Time Charitable Trust:

*Note: If COVID levels in Queenstown change such that the event cannot be held, then we will provide the event in a digital format to all ticket holders. There are no refunds, many thanks for your understanding.

** Neural Coding is a trade mark of Your Life Live It


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Belief Change. The Family Journey Forum 2021

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$$145NZD +GST
$$95NZD +GST*
20 January 2021

Belief Change. The Family Journey Forum 2021