Just Be Me ™ NLP Course

Course Duration : Approx 5 Hours

This course encapsulates what personal power really is, and leaves you living by The Just Be Me™ Mindset, an attitude that lets you connect with your unconscious mind and communicate with it in a way that best serves you. 
Just Be Me™ teaches you 7 powerful NLP techniques that Amanda and Sarah used first-hand after overcoming their own personal loss, hardship, and tragedy. 

7 Effective NLP Strategies you will learn:

  1. Understanding reality, our filters, and the power of the unconscious mind.
  2. Learning the power of negatives and the effect this has on our beliefs and behaviours.
  3. How to reconcile our self-talk with our own core values.
  4. Overcoming anxiety and how to use empowering questions.
  5. Using the power of anchoring to get us into positive states.
  6. Solidifying goals in the unconscious mind with the SPECIFY model.
  7. Overcoming self-doubt and letting your unconscious know exactly what it needs to work towards with Timeline Therapy.

It is a compulsory prerequisite to the 'Ultimate Transformational Course™, the world’s first NLP Practitioner Certified Board Approved Course.

Check out the The Ultimate Transformational Course™ here.

More about NLP

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) is like learning the language of the unconscious mind, the powerhouse that drives almost all of our beliefs and behaviours. You know when you have an app on your phone that isn’t working? Well, we just go into our phone, hit “Delete”, and install one that we do want. In many respects, NLP is like that for your neurology. We take behaviours that we do on a daily basis that are not working, eject them, and reinstall beliefs about ourselves in a way that serve us on where we want to go. Find out how simple, powerful and effective it is.

If you are looking to take control of your future and your goals you may be interested in our course, Seize your Life™. This course focuses on creating your future with award winning tools that allow you to plan and achieve your biggest goals in life. Feel free to check that out here.

Just Be Me ™ NLP Course
It's time to be you, everyone else is taken
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Make a change now to be the very best version of you!

Your Life Live It is a Board Accredited and Approved Training School.

7 modules, 7 strategies to find the True, Authentic You!


Take control of your thinking.

  • This will be a mind-blowing module! 
  • You will gain an insight into how you think and what this has meant to you in the past. 
  • You will start to see what thought processes have helped you and the ones that have hindered you.
  • Treat it like an awakening, an ‘Aha’ moment, be curious and be childlike.


The power of negatives

  • Learn how your mind interprets your thoughts and what happens when we think in negatives.
  • We’re conditioned by society and our environment to think this way. We see and hear negatives everywhere. Learn what happens in our minds when we do this. 
  • We will show you how to identify these negative patterns, banish them and create the ones you want!
  • Understanding the power of negatives is crucial when considering your personal brand. Learn what message to send to ensure your true mission is heard.


What do you value?

  • Learn know what you cherish the most in your life and what have you had to compromise.
  • What are your values? They are the key to allowing you to know what is important to you.
  •  Know what things really make you tick, allowing you to quickly see when you are operating from your true self and spot those around you who are holding you back!
  • Your personal branding starts from your values, know them well and define them.


Have more control.

  • Have you felt anxious or worried, like it is happening to you and you have no choice? It can come from nowhere, or so it seems, and it robs you of being you. 
  • Learn what happens when worry or anxiety appears and better still how to choose something calmer and more you.
  • We will hold your hand and show you exactly how to take full and total control of your state so that you are capable of dealing with ANY situation.
  • Do you have a presentation, an all important pitch or need to close a killer deal? Keeping your cool is essential.


Confidence at your fingertips.

  • Feeling out of control and nervous is a common feeling and you are not alone, its debilitating and frightening.
  • You will learn what to do when a curve ball can hits head on. We walk you through exactly how to navigate controlling your emotions so that you can be focussed and in control. 
  • Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just press a button and immediately feel the way you need to feel? To be able to just switch on a resourceful state that would help you tackle whatever is ahead.


Being you for life.

  • This course allows you to develop your strong, rock hard, personal brand from the inside out.
  • This is so powerful and can be applied to so many areas of your life and allow you to be true in living a ‘Just Be Me’ mindset fully and completely.
  • You will have a crystal clear idea of where you want to be, the new you, the new life and the good thing is, its really simple. 
  • You will have the ability to hone in your 'Power Brand', be clear on the message you want to deliver and what that say's about you.


Being you, every day and in every way here on out !

  • You are now clear on who you are and what you want in life. You can live your truth and now plan your future.
  • You can live your truth and you will be guided in putting your biggest goal into the future
  • There is a super charged amazing free gift for you at the end of this life changing module.
  • Go forth, obtain your dream and take those along for the ride that you choose.

If you are looking to take control of your future and your goals you may be interested in our course, Seize your Life™.  This course focuses on creating your future with award winning tools that allow you to plan and achieve your biggest goals in life. Feel free to check that out here.

What Just Be Me offers In just 7 modules

What others thought about this course

  • "Amanda and Sarah congratulations to you both you really have made something unique and fabulous, not only have you shared some very powerful tools you have also shared a big piece of you! I now know how to Just be Me." Nicki Davis, Portugal.
  • "I love the course so much. My notebook of notes goes with me everywhere. I peek in there most days." Wendy Payne, NZ.
  • "Ultimately, life is beautiful, we just need a little nudge to remind us, every so often, and “Just be Me” is that nudge." Anastasia Taylor, LA.
  • "I've always thought of myself as a positive, life loving, confident in my own skin person but after finding out I had cancer and losing my brother a lot of those traits started to disappear into the back ground. I have so much clarity in life now and have loved finding myself again." Kate Thompson, Australia.
  • "This course had such a powerful influence on my mental wellbeing and self discovery." Tracey Woodford, NZ.
  • "There has been a few wobbles or curve balls but I soon get rid of them as I know the only way I want to live my life is positively, the other route is too hard and never an option. I love my "DELETE" button, I use that a lot!"

Why this course was born

Over the last 3 years Amanda and Sarah have experienced what most people would never experience in a lifetime.
Amanda was diagnosed with kidney cancer and 1 year later she lost her wonderful husband Keith to same disease. Their business suffered as the personal branding was not strong enough to endure the curveballs.

Then there was the judgement and discrimination when Amanda and Sarah's announced their newfound love. If that wasn’t enough there was the terribly horrendous death of Sarah’s beautiful Mum who was killed by a great white shark whilst doing what she loved, diving, 3 weeks before their wedding. 

What this taught them was to be themselves and live by their truths, they had to learn the hard way and they can guarantee you that these tools work, without them they are not sure where we would be and any personal branding work went to custard. They then realised in order to have a personal brand that survives adversity, it had to start with them.

They love what we do, helping people daily to live passionately. Between them they have 46 years in human development so they set about writing a life changing course to give people these lessons and find your true brand, without having to experience the pain, hurt, sadness and fear that was brought to them through these tragedies. 

And so we have it - an online course that is fun, revealing, life changing, compelling and a genuine set of lessons to connect you to your brilliance and genius. You, all of you.

If you are looking to take control of your future and your goals you may be interested in our course, Seize your Life™. This course focuses on creating your future with award winning tools that allow you to plan and achieve your biggest goals in life. Feel free to check that out here.

Your Trainers

Amanda has 30 years experience in human development. She was the Training Director for the Estee Lauder Corporation for Europe, Middle East and Africa and started Your Life Live It is 2008, helping people all over the world to live passionately.

Sarah has been working with Amanda running courses globally, coaching and helping people to reach their full potential for 3 years. She’s also an International Cricket star, having played all over the world for England, and she is passionate about living life to the full, every day.


The time is NOW!

Just Be Me ™ NLP Course

A Course from Your Life Live IT



Why train with us ? "walk their talk."

Firstly, a word about our courses.

" It always amazes me how two people can keep the group engaged and inspired for 8 hours a day for 7 days. Your tag team style, mixture of humour, patience and empathy is a pleasure to watch and be a part of."

We offer a range of NLP training courses for you, with something to suit everyone.

 If you're wanting to work on yourself, choose from our range of personal development courses utilising NLP techniques. These are either held as short live courses or you can work at your own pace online.

Wanting to Transform your Life or looking to become a qualified NLP practitioner? Then study online at your own pace with our new world first online NLP/TLT and NLP Coach certifications.

"A couple of months ago, I completed the Ultimate Coaching course with Sarah and Amanda Foo-Ryland. It was well run and modelled a high standard of professionalism. 

What struck me was that many of the NLP techniques demonstrated were applicable to the health field, which was really exciting. Armed with the knowledge and skills from this course, any health practitioner will be much better placed to achieve breakthroughs for clients who are looking to change their lives. 

You learn how to talk to the subconscious mind and help the client rewrite patterns of behaviour (neural coding) that are no longer helpful, and develop new ones to equip themselves for the challenges they face. As a coach you will learn about yourself in hitherto unimagined ways and utilise this experience to help others. 

I heartily recommend it as an important skill set for coaching of any type. Sarah and Amanda are both highly skilled and experienced coaches with a willingness to share their wisdom and expertise around. 

Try it out and you’ll never look back!"

Dr Martyn Williamson

Are you wanting to use these tools to help others? That's great - you're on the way to changing many lives, making this world a better place. 

If you want to full certify and be an accredited coach with the American Board of NLP and Time Line Therapy then check out The Ultimate Transformational Course is online, so you can work at your pace with your assigned Learning Mentor (a qualified YLLI Coach).

If you want a FREE sample of the Online Course head here.

We have 34 years experience working in personal development. We pride ourselves on providing a fun, enjoyable and comfortable training experience that quite literally changes lives. 

To get a sneak peek on how we operate, here is Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland getting interviewed on national television describing in a fun and easy way what NLP is and how it can work for you. 

Your Life Live It is Board Approved and Accredited with the American Boards and Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland is an approved trainer of NLP, NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, so you are in good hands.

$FREE ! For a limited time*
Usual RRP $397 USD

Make a change now to be the very best version of you!