The Blueprint for Online Coaching Success™

Do you wish you had started coaching when you qualified, but feel out of touch and now your NLP tools have become rusty?

Did you intend to start your coaching business but something is holding you back?

Do you coach but it is not going as well as you planned?

Do you want to know how to help people online, from your home, on your own time scale?

Then join us starting with joining us on our LIVE course via ZOOM, this is our 7 day NLP & TLT therapy course, you can dip in and out to get the refreshers you need. Then you will have access to ZOOM calls in person with Dr Amanda and Sarah Foo-Ryland, they will take you through blueprint to successful online Coaching. This will be on the 27 June to the 3 July 2020.

If you are trained in any NLP certification then you can join us, we will guide you from the grass roots reconnecting you with your NLP tools, creating your business and give you the blueprint for success in taking your coaching business online.

Why choose us? We at Your Life Live It have been working with people online since 2008, we have developed systems and tools to help your coaching business, we have trained hundreds of coaches to operate online. We know our stuff.

The Blueprint for Online  Coaching Success™
Get visible, get online.

I want to start helping others now for only $20

$497 USD
$79 USD*
Or 4 payments of $ 20 USD
25 May 2020

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Your Life Live It is a Board Accredited and Approved Training School.

Getting to know you and your needs.

  • You will receive a welcome email and a request to complete a questionnaire for us to understand your needs and level of experience.
  • Dr. Amanda and Sarah will welcome you on a Zoom with your fellow students to discuss your goals and business needs.
  • You will then be given access to the modules for your online learning.


  • A world first, we have been given permission by the American Boards of NLP & TLT to take our 7 day course online. This will be a LIVE course with students both live and online through ZOOM. You can dip in and out to access the sections you wish to be refreshed on. This will be on the 27 June to the 3 July 2020 from Queenstown. NZ direct into your home.

Module 1. Reconnect with the basics.

  • This module is all about the foundations of NLP.
  • Reconnect with your NLP tools starting with Cause and Effect.
  • Use our relevant section of the NLP manual as you refresh your knowledge.

Module 2. The Why of NLP?

  • Let's revisit the Presuppositions on NLP.
  • Reconnect you with the power of NLP.
  • You will feel grounded and ready for the next module.

Module 3. The Power of the Unconscious Mind

  • In this lesson you will be reminded of the power of the unconscious mind.
  • We will share some the prime directives and what this means for your client.
  • You will now be ready to connect on your ZOOM training call once you have completed this module.

Module 4. Your Zoom training.

  • You will meet online with Dr. Amanda and Sarah, this will also be recorded in case you are unable to make it.
  • In this 1 hr call we will cover all the systems you will need to start your coaching business.
  • We will review from the first contact with the client, how to ensure you have all the information you need to start your session.
  • Email templates we use throughout the three session client process.
  • There will be lots of time for Q&A throughout this call.

Module 5. Your second Zoom Training.

  • This 1hr live call will also be recorded in case you are unable to make it.
  • This call will cover the three session process in depth.
  • How we have been working online with all the processes since 2008.
  • There will be lots of time for a Q&A throughout this call.

Module 6. Creating your audience online.

  • This module will take you through the marketing of your business.
  • How to get visible online.
  • How to speak to your audience both online and at live events.

The inspiration behind this course

Why are we offering this course so cheaply now?

Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland has been training people to become Coaches for over 10 years and she has noticed that lots of people want to coach and then life gets in the way. 

They have spent time and money learning these tools, yet they have gone rusty, so the lack of confidence kicks in and the fear that they will not be effective takes hold. This is why this course is crazy cheap, you have already spent the money, you have already committed your time and passion, so this course is the stepping stone to get back your NLP mojo and start coaching for real.

What do I need to join this course?

You need to be an NLP practitioner, that's all, no coaching experience is necessary, we will take you on a grass roots journey.

We want to support as many of you as possible,  we want to give you all the knowledge and experience we have learned over the last 12 years working online with thousands of clients. We support our 18 coaches with our systems and strategies that work.

What other coaches have said about Your Life Live It

"It gave me the support and confidence I needed as a new coach to really develop my business model and bring the best tools, techniques & processes to my wonderful clients from the beginning." Elizabeth Regan. UK.

"I’d been practicing as a coach for 18 months and was struggling to get traction in my business and was on the verge of going back to my old career. Then fate intervened and I discovered Amanda and Your Life Live It. I never looked back.” Tony Yuile. NZ.

"The mentoring with Sarah was a game changer,  I did lose momentum thinking I could do this alone. Once I made the commitment things happened really quickly and I went into my client sessions full of confidence." Louise Blakely. Australia.

Read more about what our Coaches have said here.

Your World needs you right now, your tools can help to save lives.

People really need your help now, they are in melt down, losing their businesses, their homes, their relationships and more un-resourceful than ever.  We have been so busy helping people in the last month, people are reaching out for support, your skills are needed, together we are stronger.


The time is NOW!

The Blueprint for Online Coaching Success™

A Course from Your Life Live IT



Why trust us? 32 yrs experience

Firstly, a word about our courses.

We offer a range of NLP training courses for you, with something to suit you! If you're wanting to work on yourself, choose from our range of personal development courses utilising NLP techniques. These are either held as short live courses or you can work at your own pace online. 

Looking to become a qualified NLP practitioner and be able to use these tools to help others? That's great - you're on the way to changing many lives, making this world a better place. We offer our Ultimate Coaching NLP training courses in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand. At the completion of this training, you will have all the qualifications you need to become an NLP coach and start your work in this exciting field. 

We have 32 years experience working in personal development. We pride ourselves on providing an enjoyable and comfortable training experience that quite literally changes lives. 

To get a sneak peek on how we operate, here is Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland getting interviewed on national television describing in a fun and easy way what NLP is and how it can work for you. 

Your Life Live It is Board Approved and Accredited with the American Boards and Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland is an approved trainer of NLP, NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, so you are in good hands.

I want to start helping others now for only $20

$497 USD
$79 USD*
Or 4 payments of $ 20 USD
25 May 2020

Get the COVID offer now.