The Ultimate Transformational Course™- Live NZ

6-12 February 2023

Experience unthinkable change with the World's First Neural Coding™ Company.

If you are serious about transforming your life, then this is a must-do course. Delete unwanted negative behavioural patterns in record time, this is habit hacking at it's finest. Enjoy this full immersion experience and give yourself a full system update of the greatest super computer you have access to, your brain.

If you are interested in taking your coaching business to the next level with the World's First Neural Coding™ Company, welcome you're in the right place :) Learn life changing tools that will allow you to facilitate unthinkable change in other's.
This is not counselling or therapy, this is Neural Coding™ it's fast and it lasts.
Experience this world class full immersion training and accredit with 3 Board Approved Certifications with the highest designation.

1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Practitioner)
2. Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
3. NLP Coach with the highest standard of code and ethics.

Your Life Live It is a Board Approved school with the American Board of NLP, Time Line Therapy and NLP Coach. This means that as a result of doing this course, you will have certifications with the biggest board on the planet in this arena. 

To be the best, train with the best and have the most recognised certifications.

Watch the video below to find out the kind of training and life-changing education you can experience over the seven days.  
As seen on TV, Dr. Amanda explains how powerful NLP is, super easy to grasp.

The Ultimate Transformational Course™- Live NZ
The Ultimate Transformational Course™NZ - NLP Practitioner


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Your Life Live It is a Board Accredited and Approved Training School.

Transform Your Life, Emerge New and become a Coach in the process.


  • Firstly, you will go on your own life changing journey, clearing out the crap so you have a clean canvas to work with.
  • We will then work with you to design your future and your business.
  • We teach this course within a Coaching frame, we have breakouts for your Coaching practise.
  • You will be constantly given gems to add to your Coaching business.
  • You will be learning with other Coaches.
  • We have been Coaching for over 41 years, we know our stuff.
  • We will send you NLP Discovery pack to get you ready for the course, this includes our 'Just Be Me' online course, normally $379. Access until you complete your course.
  • We walk our talk, we work with clients, we have our ears to the ground.


  • You will leave with real tools and the confidence to work with clients right away.
  • Your skills and experience will have soared, giving your clients great value.
  • You will have a clear idea on where you business is heading and what needs to happen next.
  • You will be connected with like minded Coaches.
  • Our Coaches Handbook™ is designed to keep you on track.
  • Your development can continue with Your Life Live It.

What others say

  • “I can honestly say that each day was mind blowing and stimulating. I am so excited to now be a coach and will be fully equipped to coach people to facilitate change. It’s amazing! You must do it, you will look at the world differently and for the better.”  Sally Basu. Australia.
  • “It’s a life changing course which will help you to reach your goals and full potential. It's something that needs to be taught in schools” Gill Hartley. Australia.
  • "I now have my fist client booked next week! This is life altering and I totally recommend it. Thank you!" Sean Conroy. Australia.
  • “You are given all the very clear tools to go out there and coach. You get to experience all the processes as a client and a coach. Its giving you all the help, tools, personal experience and change to go out there and coach others confidently and be AMAZING at it!” Krystle Theunissen. New Zealand.
  • "Life changing, mind blowing, I will never be the same again." Dino Perrera, Portugal.
  • "This course is essential if you are serious about creating lasting change for your clients." Charlotte Pridmore. U.K
  • "Since qualifying, I can honestly say that I have not felt so ‘alive’ and excited for my future.  I feel entirely more confident, joyful and ‘anxiety-free’.  This, after years of trying many other ways of ‘finding myself’ and letting go of the emotions I know were holding back…is just beautiful." Student London Course November 2018

NZ's most thorough NLP training course includes

NLP Practitioner Certification

  • Introduction to NLP, the foundations of NLP.
  • Presuppositions of NLP.
  • Build closer relationships and blow away the misconceptions of body language with sensory acuity and rapport. 
  • Why the eyes are the window to the soul and how to make sense of your world with representational systems and eye accessing cues. 
  • Learn awesome goal setting tools with the Specify model.
  • Submodalities - the secret programming software of your mind. 
  • Stop being hooked and controlled by other people by utilising the emotional freedom of anchoring. 
  • Learn and master language patterns that can help you become more influential and persuasive.
  • Learn the artfully vague language patterns of one of the greatest hypnotherapists of the 20th Century.
  • Stop inner conflicts, and how to move beyond "I want this BUT I'm not sure" or "I can't decide between these two things”. 
  • Strategies & Modeling, from love strategies, motivational strategies to buying strategies. 
  • Overcome stuck states like fear of spiders, public speaking and basically any fear you have with the Fast Phobia Model. 

NLP Coach Certification

  • Professional coaching is one of the fastest growing careers in the world and coaches are in high demand. 
  • Have confidence with the knowledge that your training is board-approved and of the highest standard on the planet.
  • Our internationally-recognised courses are designed for those who desire to become a professional coach.
  • Learn how the core principles of coaching are an asset for anyone in leadership roles in their homes, careers, and communities. 
  • Our innovative courses are also designed for traditional life and executive coaches who want to add state-of-the-art coaching tools and breakthrough skills developed from NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy. 
  • Learn about the codes and ethics aligned with the NLP Coach Certification.
  • You will get real experience working with real clients notes and designing your sessions.
  • You will have hands on experience coaching in real-time with your peers. 
  • You will know what to look for when you start seeing clients for real.
  • We have created our Coaches Handbook™ to keep you on track.

Time Line Therapy™ Certification

Dr. Tad James is the creator of the Time Line Therapy™ Techniques so why not get your certification from the source? Dr. Amanda was trained by Tad James in Las Vegas, so you really are getting it from the man himself!

  • Gain total control of your life.
  • Move through your own and others internal blocks.
  • Eliminating negative emotions, beliefs and decisions.
  • Learn how to make the right decisions for you.
  • Get to know what you really want.
  • Learn how to get motivated and stay motivated.
  • Create the kind of future you really want.
  • Understand your own internal time machine and how it creates your future.
  • Use the SPECIFY criteria for making your goals come true.
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and decisions.
  • Visualise your future so it's more compelling, motivating and exciting for you.

If you want to become a Coach then you can start Coaching right away

After completing the NLP Practitioner Ultimate Coach training, we offer support and mentoring with our Business in a Box™ package. This gives you access to a team of like-minded coaches to grow alongside. You also get your own spot on our website, your own google account for all your business needs and accountability + much more. 

We currently have a team of 18 coaches worldwide, some have been with us since we started licensing Your Life Live It back in 2000. So know we have been here, we know our stuff and we know how to support serious, professional coaches like you.

"Your Life Live It offers all their coaches opportunities to excel.  Coaches are provided with world-class tools and exceptional training, enabling them to enhance their competencies and develop successful businesses. They are supported, encouraged and positively challenged in an authentic way. There is genuineness within the coaching team and strong sense of shared values which is reflected throughout the Your Life Live It brand. Coaches can be fully confident in their alliance with Your Life Live It." Gill Skeer, our Coach in Perth W.A.

Your Trainers

Dr. Amanda has 30 years’ experience in human development. She was the Training Director for the Estee Lauder Corporation for Europe, Middle East and Africa and started Your Life Live It is 2008, helping people all over the world to live passionately.

Sarah has been working with Amanda running courses globally, coaching and helping people to reach their full potential for three years. She’s also an international cricket star, having played all over the world for England. Sarah is passionate about living life to the full, every day.

Your Host

Relax in nature in our fresh and bright training environment just outside of Arrowtown. 

We know you will learn easily when you are relaxed and having fun, so we work to create the best learning environment. 

Our experience in running these events means that everything has been thoughtfully created with you in mind, right down to the food we supply. You will enjoy a healthy and refreshing lunch at the exclusive Hills Golf Club each day, the private golf course created by Michael Hill Jeweller. 


The time is NOW!

The Ultimate Transformational Course™- Live NZ

A Course from Your Life Live IT

6-12 February 2023

Queenstown, New Zealand

Why train with us ? "walk their talk."

Firstly, a word about our courses.

" It always amazes me how two people can keep the group engaged and inspired for 8 hours a day for 7 days. Your tag team style, mixture of humour, patience and empathy is a pleasure to watch and be a part of."

We offer a range of NLP training courses for you, with something to suit everyone.

 If you're wanting to work on yourself, choose from our range of personal development courses utilising NLP techniques. These are either held as short live courses or you can work at your own pace online.

Wanting to Transform your Life or looking to become a qualified NLP practitioner? Then study online at your own pace with our new world first online NLP/TLT and NLP Coach certifications.

"A couple of months ago, I completed the Ultimate Coaching course with Sarah and Amanda Foo-Ryland. It was well run and modelled a high standard of professionalism. 

What struck me was that many of the NLP techniques demonstrated were applicable to the health field, which was really exciting. Armed with the knowledge and skills from this course, any health practitioner will be much better placed to achieve breakthroughs for clients who are looking to change their lives. 

You learn how to talk to the subconscious mind and help the client rewrite patterns of behaviour (neural coding) that are no longer helpful, and develop new ones to equip themselves for the challenges they face. As a coach you will learn about yourself in hitherto unimagined ways and utilise this experience to help others. 

I heartily recommend it as an important skill set for coaching of any type. Sarah and Amanda are both highly skilled and experienced coaches with a willingness to share their wisdom and expertise around. 

Try it out and you’ll never look back!"

Dr Martyn Williamson

Are you wanting to use these tools to help others? That's great - you're on the way to changing many lives, making this world a better place. 

If you want to full certify and be an accredited coach with the American Board of NLP and Time Line Therapy then check out The Ultimate Transformational Course is online, so you can work at your pace with your assigned Learning Mentor (a qualified YLLI Coach).

If you want a FREE sample of the Online Course head here.

We have 34 years experience working in personal development. We pride ourselves on providing a fun, enjoyable and comfortable training experience that quite literally changes lives. 

To get a sneak peek on how we operate, here is Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland getting interviewed on national television describing in a fun and easy way what NLP is and how it can work for you. 

Your Life Live It is Board Approved and Accredited with the American Boards and Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland is an approved trainer of NLP, NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, so you are in good hands.


$Payment in instalments 3900
Or pay in 12 payments of $325USD interest free
Payment in full

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Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Old Life Back!