What our coaches think

"The mentoring with Sarah was a game changer, I wish I had signed us as a Coach right from the get go, I did lose momentum thinking I could do this alone. Once I made the commitment things happened really quickly and I went into my client sessions full of confidence."
Louise Blakely
"For anyone stepping into the world of NLP and Coaching, then Your Life Live It is heaven-sent. The platform and the tools you need to start your business as a coach are all here and expertly assembled. All you need to do is set up your profile and start coaching. As a new-comer to working for myself, this has been invaluable. I didn't want to be held back by setting up a website, sorting out a bookings system or running a marketing campaign - I wanted to be seeing clients. This is what Your Life Live It allows you to focus on from day one, with the added support of the founder and the other coaches. The values of the company and the professional network it plugs you into put your business on an international footing from the outset."
Dr Glynn Ryland
“I have been on many courses but none compare to the knowledge, wisdom and support I feel as part of the YLLI family.”
Charlotte Pridmore
"I feel privileged to be a recently accredited coach with Your Life Live It team. The quality of the training programme was excellent and it would have to be the best training that I have attended in all my years of going to courses – and that is quite a few! The training was extremely well structured and Amanda and Sarah clearly know their stuff. These comments were accentuated by the Instructor Training which I also completed. The Business in a Box package together with the unstinting support provided by Amanda and the rest of the team provides a hugely valuable resource base for launching a new or re-branded coaching business. The brand is “now” and I love it. I highly recommend others to consider becoming a coach with YLLI."
Alan McIntyre
"Amanda is a true creative genius with the kindest heart, skills second to none, the drive and desire to match any V8 supercar and a super sense of humour. This, of course, carries through into her winning business Your Life Live It and I am very proud to be a valued part of that excellent coaching and training team. Your Life Live It is a forward thinking, professional and supportive company with an ethos to match its image."
Coz Pearce
"Your Life Live It offers all their coaches opportunities to excel. Coaches are provided with world-class tools and exceptional training, enabling them to enhance their competencies and develop successful businesses. They are supported, encouraged and positively challenged in an authentic way. There is genuineness within the coaching team and strong sense of shared values which is reflected throughout the Your Life Live It brand. Coaches can be fully confident in their alliance with Your Life Live It. Your Life Live It = Success!"
Gill Skeer
"Having worked with Amanda for several years now she never ceases to amaze me with her generosity, energy and passion. She is a fantastic mentor, leader and friend. Working with her under the brand of Your Life Life It provides professionalism, development and a chance to be part of a group of people who love to help others be successful in whatever it is they want. It also provides you with an easy and professional start, and a good name in this area of business, saving a lot of time and expense."
Tracey Neil
“I couldn’t believe how easy it was to fit in to being part of Your Life Live It. Coming straight from University to the other side of the world was a risk to say the least! I have loved every moment and we are so strong as a unit even though we are spread across the world. I have not had chance to meet all the coaches face to face as yet, but am thoroughly enjoying this journey we are all on together. As a new coach the support I have had to get my client base growing is great. I could not have come so far in this time if I had gone about this on my own.”
Laura Holroyd